Panasonic NN SN651B Reviews: The Gadget That Gives The Exact Value For Your Money

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Having to reheat my food in the microwave always makes it dry and tasteless and this gave me so much concern until my cousin told me about the Panasonic NN SN651B.

Over a long period of time, reheating leftovers and dishes I prepared previously has been a major cooking challenge for me. All of these issues ended with a well-timed visit from a special cousin of mine that saved me the worries. Seeing the difficulties and troubles I was having prompted her to give me a detailed description of this gadget. Even with my cousin touting this device, I still have to read a lot of panasonic nn sn651b reviews before purchasing.

Although, she told me about this amazing kitchen appliance and how its unique features gave her a wonderful result, I was fazed with a huge difficult in its operation and overall settings especially when the language setting switched to German. I had to go through the stress of looking up German words to reset to English. I still gave it a try since my husband keeps complaining about how dried and tasteless meals become after reheating.

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This amazing kitchen appliance keeps food warm for up to 30 minutes and brought me so much relief knowing my husband could come home to a warm and less dried meal, which still retains its texture and taste. I just couldn’t wait to share this good news with a friend who prefers trashing her leftovers because she couldn’t deal with dry and tasteless food resulting from reheating.

Guess what, guys? This amazing product is even lighter than many traditionally made microwaves. It made me smile when I first weighed it knowing I could move it around but the noise it makes during it working process disturbs my peace and quiet. Its advantage of being gifted with high wattage contributes to its fast cooking, hence giving me the ability to bake my husband’s favorite potatoes in just three minutes before leaving for work.

Before now I have always had issues with uneven cooking such that some part of the food might not be warm enough. This device helps resolve this issue but the heat around my microwave safe dish makes it unfit for kids.

I have to carefully bring out my cooking to avoid burn. But thanks to my cousin anyways as uneven cooking ended when I got this astonishing kitchen gadget with provision for a steady stream of power at different temperature settings making my food evenly cooked and bringing out its delicious taste.

Panasonic Inverter Microwave

Panasonic inverter microwave is a modern break in technology as far as microwave functions are a concern. This inverter embedded technology gives the ability to vary various cooking option with its programmable features, providing users the opportunity to get their desired results.

This device is light weighed which requires light energy to move around and designed with special size to ensure it fits into any desired position in the kitchen. Just before you even think of ordering yours as I did, have a look at some of its amazing features.


  •     Turbo Defrost: The inverter technology provides a stream of power which speeds up defrosting time. I can barely name any device that can defrost as fast as this.
  •     One-touch sensor cooks and reheat button: The genius sensor helps to regulate the time and power Level for various foods. With these buttons, you are always a click away from cooking or reheating meals and this saves time.
  •     Keep warm feature: The microwave keeps your food warm and fresh with a low microwave power without the food being overcooked. Amazing how it does this and curbs all the worries.
  •     Menu action screen: the display shows step cooking instructions with three languages (English, Spanish and French). How many devices do you think has this? This language option can serve a lot of person without causing any language restrictions. I don’t speak or understand French or even Spanish but I do know that with these options, there are no limitations.
  •     Delay start and timer, quick minute, child safety lock, 10 different power levels, popcorn button and many more.

* Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN651B

This microwave is endowed with a lot of amazing features to encourage shorter cooking time and evenly cooked meals with its taste, nutrients and texture retained. The microwave inverter technology embedded in this device is an extraordinary way to control microwave power using inverters as the main power source by delivering microwave energy in a manner that allows any delicate foods to simmer without even overcooking.

Regulating different temperatures for cooking with its ten power levels retains nutrients and taste, unlike the traditional microwaves which use coils and allows just low or high power levels. Its control panel sits to the right which includes the LED display, with 0 – 9 numbered keypad below a few one-touch option keys. And less I forget, this microwave even without a handle consists of a push button underneath the control panel.

This kitchen appliance is indeed a life saver. It consists of auto cook options with dedicated settings for soups, oatmeal, pizza, pasta and many more. Gifted with an intelligent control makes it even superb.


  • Smart cooking options
  • Color choice is available
  • Versatile use for the preparation of different dishes
  • Keep warm function
  • Language option


  • Slightly noisy device
  • No handle
  • Difficult to operate setting

Is the Panasonic NN SN651B a necessary appliance?

Of course, it is. The problem of not knowing how long your food should be left in the microwave can be solved with just the touch of the Panasonic genius sensor button.

The amount of steam produced during cooking is measured by the sensor, calculating the remaining cooking time. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your food being overcooked because the sensor provides a selection of various auto cook options for different dishes such as popcorn, pasta, oatmeal, pizza etc making this appliance one of my frequently used kitchen appliance.

I guess my kitchen would be incomplete without this microwave and even if it ever gets bad after years of use, I am sure to replace with this exact same device.

Apart from its amazing functions, this microwave has a stylish exterior design to fit any kitchen, no wonder It is fast becoming the most sort after kitchen gadget. Who wouldn’t want to have something as unique, effective, attracting and efficient as this? Certainly not me. Come with me as I give you more reason as to why you need to have one.

Why should I have this countertop microwave?

There are numerous reasons to have this device. The purchasing of any device is backed up by the need to accomplish certain tasks or desires. Many persons are faced with issues associated with reheating meals in traditional microwaves such as uneven warming and reduction in taste, and moisture content.

These issues have since forced a lot of persons to seek better devices which can serve the task of reheating while having zero detriments on the meal. It comprises of stylish exterior design, 1.2 cubic feet space, 1200 watt power, and 13.5-inch turntable. With this device, food and beverages do not need to stay longer in the oven due to the technology it possesses.

The Panasonic microwave has a high wattage because it uses an inbuilt inverter as its main power source which encourages quick cooking. Most traditional microwaves use a 100% power pulse off/on to get an average 50% power but the Panasonic 1200 watt inverter microwave has different power levels and can be regulated when heating food without the food dried out.

This appliance can fit larger dishes without obstructing the turntable rotation. Hence, it provides a convenient way to microwave dishes for both small and large families’ sizes.

The countertop microwave with its strength of inverter cooking also possesses some distinct qualities that cannot be found in most traditional gadgets of its kind. The greater good and positive impact this device possess overwhelmingly overshadows its few and very rare detriments. Its durability is something to look up to. As I have never spent a dime fixing it or even replacing any part.

Cool, right? 

Why spend so much fixing that old microwave of yours when you can acquire this affordable and amazing kitchen gadget. Save your meals now by acquiring one and if ever you have been looking for a device to keep your stale food warm while still retaining taste and texture then search no further because the Panasonic microwave provides that solution. Just as many persons have appraised me for introducing them to this device, am sure you will too.


The Panasonic nn sn651b microwave has an excellent value for money and no wonder there were lots of positives quotes on the panasonic nn sn651b reviews I read. This appliance comes in black, white and stainless, so fitting it into any kitchen shouldn’t be a problem.

This device carter for delicate food with the use of its inverter technology making it one of the best we have seen in recent times. The range of language option makes it a device suitable for people of different ethnicity. It is amazing just how well this device will serve you, giving uniqueness to your cooking and retaining taste. Indeed microwaving technology is evolving.

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