I figure that a comparative review of NuWave vs Philips air fryer models should be a good way to give you a crash course in the best air fryers available on the market. After all, these appliances are quite in these days and everybody seems to own one.

So, having tried out several different types of air fryers, I consider myself a self-proclaimed expert user perfectly capable of helping you decide on the right one for yourself with this review on Philip air fryer vs NuWave.

Come to think of it, What are Air Fryers?

Eating delicious junk food that has been prepared by deep frying in oil is a guilty pleasure and too tempting to avoid for the best of us. But nevertheless, as I have gotten older, I have also come to value my health as never before.

After all, once we are out of college, it is quite difficult to continue to consume copious amounts of greasy and oily food without feeling queasy and disgusting afterward.

This is where air fryers come into play. Most people attempting a transition into a healthy lifestyle often believe that they have to give up deep fried food altogether. But acquiring an air fryer ensures that you do not necessarily have to do so. These appliances can give you the same deep fried food taste without the oily mess that accompanies such food.

Why Do You Need An Air Fryer?

Have you ever tried healthy eating before but given up after a few days or weeks due to an inability to avoid the temptation of junk food? If so, prepare to make air fryers your new best friend.

These appliances use a continuous blast of hot air directed at your food to fry them. This technique ensures that while you get the deep fried taste, the food remains dry and free of oil.

Air fryers are a kitchen essential these days simply because they allow you to eat healthy without you actually having to forego tasty food altogether. Furthermore, these appliances also come equipped with a variety of additional features that make them even more attractive.

So, if you are contemplating buying one of these then continue reading my air fryer review to get acquainted with some of the best appliances in this category.

Philips Air Fryers – We’ve Chosen 2 of the Best

Renowned brand Philips offers a few of the top quality air fryers currently available in the market. This review will provide an air fryer comparison of Phillips and NuWavs and the best appliances offered by these market leaders of air frying technology. So here is my pick of the best of the lot that I have used over the last few years and which I can vouch for.

* Philips Viva Turbostar

The Viva Turbostar from Phillips comes in a sleek looking black body that lends it a high-end look. It uses a steady and continuously swirling stream of hot air directly evenly at the food contained within to cook it uniformly. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly throughout and has the same uniform taste.

The process also has the additional benefit of draining out any excess fat that your food may contain, instead offering you good quality health food with low-fat content.

This air fryer runs on electricity can requires no preheating before you start cooking. This implies that the appliance is ready to go at a moment’s notice as soon as you switch it on. It saves you precious time and also energy when you are looking to fix up a quick snack at the end of a long day.

The newest variant of this model that is currently available for sale is 20% smaller in size. This makes it easier to just leave the appliance on a countertop and also makes storing it less space consuming and easier. The machine runs on electricity and consumes about 1425 watts of power.

Furthermore, the air fryer also comes equipped with a removable basket for holding the food called the QuickClean basket. This makes the process of keeping the appliance clean a hassle-free process as you can simply remove the basket from the device to clean it.

This basket comes in a non-stick coating that is very easy to clean and does not rust with constant exposure to moisture.


  • Convenient size for easy handling
  • The cookbook is a good help for new beginners
  • Serves healthy food that also tastes good
  • The color and design is stylish and easy to maintain


  • The timer cannot be turned off once set
  • Food may sometimes lose its crunch

* Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer

This HD 9240/94 Avance XL is another great offering from Phillips that you may consider buying. This model too comes in a sleek black color and design that lends it a unique high-end look.

This device deploys rapid air technology to uniformly circulate a stream of hot air throughout the unit containing food. This gives you fried food that tastes authentically fried but does not contain the excess fat and grease that such food usually does.

Weighing at 2.64 pounds and with a capacity of 3.5qt, this appliance is comparatively large for an air fryer. So the Avance XL is perfect for when you need to cook for as many as 4 people in one go.

The fryer also comes equipped with a digital and touch-operated interface, which goes a long way to increase your convenience. It allows your own customizations so that you get to prepare your food exactly in the manner you want.

Furthermore, it also contains a smart button that can memorize the setting of the food you love best. This reduces the manual input and effort you need to expend every day while handling the appliance.

You can just put your regular uncooked food in the basket provided with the kit and the appliance will automatically recognize the setting at which it should be fried.

When it comes of your convenience, Phillips leaves no stone unturned and this includes providing you with a nonstick bowl to put your food in while cooking. This basket can be easily detached for cleaning and is dishwasher resistant for more effective cleaning.


  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Can cook for more people at once due to the bigger size
  • Automatic settings and digital interface makes the unit smart
  • Gives you healthy and tasty fried food that is perfectly crispy


  • The non-stick coating sometimes tends to peel off
  • Can sometimes create a mess

A Quick Look At 2 Top Quality NuWave Air Fryers

NuWave is another foremost brand that has achieved great innovations in air frying technology. In my experience, I’ve found their appliances to deliver a good quality of air fried food with no compromise made to the taste. So without further ado, here is my pick of two of the best NuWave air fryers that you should consider.

* NuWave Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer

This Brio digital air fryer from NuWave is a quality offering that enables you to eat healthy and crispy fried food without any compromise made to the taste of your food.

Fried food is the life of a party, as we are all there to have fun and tasty junk food is always the most enjoyable. Once I switched to the NuWave Brio, I no longer had to worry about how badly I was ruining my heart with all the deep fried food consumption.

The NuWave air fryer XL comes in a large size compared to the other products that I have reviewed so far. With product dimensions measuring at 19.6 inches by 17.7 inches by 16.2 inches and the entire body weighing at some 19.38lbs, this appliance can cook for a larger group for people.

It was a great help whenever I had to churn out snacks and starters at a family or friendly gathering hosted at my place.

This air fryer is quite versatile in that you can cook just about anything with it. I have cooked a long list of items ranging from crispy fried chicken, fish and potatoes to mozzarella sticks. I have even gotten the fryer to bake, grill, toast, and roast. This proves that you could get a great variety of functionalities out of this appliance, which is good value for money.

With this unit, you also get a feature that allows you to adjust the temperature setting for the food being cooked. This enables you to customize your food accordingly to get better results. The temperature ranges from 100F to 300F with 5 settings between them, giving you greater control.

Furthermore, the digital timer built into the appliance has an automatic switch off mechanism which ensures that your food does not suffer overcooking even when you are not paying attention to it.


  • It lends you greater control while cooking
  • It is also smart enough to prevent overcooking
  • Accessory kits containing different sized fryer pans increase convenience
  • Can cook quality fried food for a larger group of people


  • Sometimes fries don’t come out crisp
  • Takes up a lot of space

* NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer

This sleek looking air fryer from Brio with black finish is quite a looker while also doing a great job of churning out fried food that tastes authentically fried without being greasy.

It does so by a hot air blast circulated throughout the fryer pan at a high speed to uniformly cook the food contained within. In my experience, I have gotten evenly browned and crispy fries and chicken that tasted properly deep fried even though they weren’t.

The versatile Brio also contains the same adjustable temperature control setting as the previous model reviewed but with a comparatively greater range between 100 degrees and 390 degrees F. This temperature control feature with 5 settings gives you greater freedom to manipulate the length of time you wish to cook your food and how crispy you want it.

The digital and touch-operated LED screen makes the experience of manipulating temperature that much more convenient.

This air fryer from NuWave also scores top marks in ensuring the users’ safety. Not only does the appliance feature automatic shut off when food is cooked but it also sports a mechanism that refuses startup if the food basket is not aligned properly. This ensures the prevention of any kitchen mishaps that could arise out of carelessness on your part.

The air fryer also comes with a food basket for frying that is coated with a non-stick material and contains no harmful PFOA. This enables you to have fried food that is not contaminated with toxic chemicals, further increasing the health and safety factor of this fryer.

With a 3 quart capacity, this unit proves to be a good addition to your kitchen by helping to make snacks easily during gatherings.


  • Easy to use LED screen for adjusting settings
  • Frying baskets can be easily removed for cleaning purposes
  • The safety measures make you feel secure while cooking
  • Gives you fried food without the excess fat content


  • The wires may sometimes burn through their plastic covering
  • The tray pan may get stuck inside

So, Phillips or Nuwave – Which Should You Buy?

Both brands are reliable when it comes to manufacturing quality products. It is clear that all the reviewed products are top-notch in giving you the fried food results you desire. While the Phillips models give you sleek looks and portability due to their smaller size, the NuWave air fryers give greater control and produce a bigger volume of fried goods.

The Phillips models are perfect for when you want to make some snacks for yourself or your family while the NuWave fryers come in handy for when you are hosting a social gathering. You should choose depending on your exact needs as you can’t really go wrong with any in this comparison of Philips air fryer vs NuWave.


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