The Best Rice Cooker For Brown Rice To Enrich Your Diet And Health

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The rice cooker for brown rice ensures you get the perfectly fluffy rice every time. Who doesn’t want soft fluffy rice at the dinner table?

But with the busy lifestyle that we have, there is minimal time to prepare the foods in a way that we want. Not to mention, at times, we often tend to forget about what we should eat and what we shouldn’t as the time and energy that is required, we simply don’t have it at our disposal.

But with various products in the market, now we have the ability to review the best rice cooker for brown rice as you will see in later parts about how much difference it can make.

Why the brown rice you may ask?

The difference between the brown and white rice is that, the brown rice all parts of the grain. For example, the bran, germ and the endosperm. Which means you can gain extra benefit from each grain which will ultimately lead to reductions in the amount of cholesterol in the body. Thus, it will also play a pivotal role in lowering the risk of stroke or diabetes etc.

But why use a brown rice cooker instead of cooking in a pressure cooker or a pot? If you have used a rice cooker in past, you will realize that it brings convenience to us in different ways. For instance, it never burns the rice. Or you can put it in a scheduled cooking so that you won’t need to attend it to cook at that time.

But the most important feature would be that, there’s uniform cooking and hence, you can extract every nutrient from the rice grain. The brown rice, however, may take a longer route to cook but it is worth to go through that effort for the tremendous extra nutrients that it brings.

There are many healthy brown rice cookers which are specialized to cook brown rice. Today, with this review we will go through one of the most popular ones and let you decide which ones do fit your kitchen the best.

List of the Best Brown Rice Cookers

Zojirushi Umami Micom Rice Cooker

If you have a busy lifestyle and want to have a quick meal, this rice cooker will serve your needs.

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Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker

Cool touch technology and even heating make this rice cooker a strong contender.

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Panasonic One Touch Rice Cooker

This model not only cooks brown rice perfectly but also saves you from big electricity bills.

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Oster Digital Rice Cooker

Choose this rice cooker if you want have the tasty dishes without putting much effort.

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After having explored the market, we have found four cookers which are the accurate appliances to cook brown rice without compromising with the taste and quality. These are as follows:

* Zojirushi NS-YAC18 Umami Micom Rice Cooker

Cooking simply without any passion and cooking with retaining the true flavors are very different aspects and this is where Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker does come in. This programmable brown rice cooker takes even one step more where there’s a microchip which will maintain all the cooking aspects inside the cooker thus making you free from attending every now and then.

But when it comes to taste, this rice cooker does stand out. The “umami”, which is also often known as fifth taste comes from the very basic principle of how these cookers cook the rice. Pre-heating and soaking the rice for an extended period of time is essential for the rice to bring out the taste that you probably have rarely tasted.

The steaming enables the sugar released into the water to reattach into the rice grains. Thus, making the rice a bit sweeter. The process is completed with the conversion of beta starch to alpha starch which makes the rice soft and fluffy.

It’s time you will have the opportunity to taste the sweet rice that your stomach will be craving for. Not to mention, the kids will always love the taste of these. If you are having guests, then this rice with alpha starch will make their eating experience pleasant enough to appreciate the foods that you have cooked. And as a host, that could be the perfect compliment that you may want to have.

From the looks, this small brown rice cooker will fit into any kitchen. The design is such that be it any traditional or modern kitchen, it will always be relevant to the design that you would like to display with it.

The LCD control panel makes it even easier for you to operate this programmable brown rice cooker. Whether you want to cook brown rice or some veggies, you won’t find any difficulty in cooking as the LCD panel does the perfect job to guide you through the process.

The manual that is provided with the rice cooker will also contain any type of guide that you may seek regarding cooking various dishes.

The Zojirushi rice cooker comes with different variants and you can choose the appropriate variant for you. If you have a small family, then the smaller 5.5 cup is enough to cook for all the members.

The smaller version will also be a bit cheaper compared to the 10-cup version which is comparatively costlier. But with the bigger version, you can cook a larger amount and hence, it is convenient for the bigger families.

This versatile bpa free brown rice cooker is able to cook soup, rice, sushi etc and hence, this multi-purpose functionality will always come in handy.

Whether your kids want sushi or some other member wants soup, this rice cooker will be able to provide the perfect cooking platform to cook all these dishes. Not to mention, the automatic warming technology will keep your foods warm.

The other special aspect of this cooker is the inner spherical pan. The inner cooking pan has been made such a way that, the heating is uniform throughout all the portion of the pan. This uniform heating will prevent the foods from getting burnt in one place whereas, in other parts, the foods may not even get properly cooked.

While buying a rice cooker, this is one aspect which you, as a consumer have to look out for. There are many rice cookers in the market which don’t have the proper technology for uniform cooking as a result of which, it is very hard to cook in them as the foods tend to get burnt at some specific place in the pan.

But Zojirushi, with its smart technology, is able to provide the unfirm heating so that the foods are cooked evenly and you aren’t left with a dish where there is some cooked portion along with the burnt ones also.

In term of cooking brown rice, most rice cookers do not adapt well to cook it at a perfect proportion. But Zojirushi, with its perfect settings for healthy brown rice cooking, will give you the taste which anyone will love.

Let’s face it, though we know that brown rice is better for health, you may tend to avoid cooking it as it may take a longer time to cook along with the taste that could be unpleasant for you.

But with Zojirushi rice cooker, the conversion of beta starch into alpha starch along with the sugar being absorbed back into the rice will give you the pleasant taste which in case of brown rice, you may not even have tasted even now.

If you have a busy lifestyle and want to have a quick breakfast, you can just add oats, coconut milk along with some water and in no time, you will have the super delicious creamy porridge.

With the programmable interface, you won’t even need to start the process. Before sleeping, you can put all the ingredients into the cooker with scheduling the appropriate time for you in the morning. The cooker itself will start to cook the ingredients as it was instructed by you.

* Aroma Housewares ARC-6106 Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares ARC – 6106 brings the cool touch technology while performing different roles at the same time from cooking rice to steam at the same time. This multi-cooker and food steamer will give you the moistness that you always search while eating. And all these come at the minimal effort with the help of Aroma Housewares rice cooker.

With 12 different functions available, now you have the opportunity to cook cakes, tarts etc. If you have any occasion at your house and you have to make a sweet treat, then you can cook a cake without spending much effort. Not to mention, making yogurt is also possible in this cooker.

The cool touch technology is a feature that will come very handy when especially you have children at your home. As a parent, you may worry when kids go to the kitchen and touch hot cookers etc. At times you may even forget that the cooker was hot, and, in the end, you may end up with a burn at the hands.

But with cool touch technology, you can touch the cooker surface at any point of time. You won’t need to worry about whether you have cooked just now or hours ago. Even if it is very hot inside, it will prevent any feeling of hot outside at the surface.

Having mentioned all the features, you probably have realized by now that, with this cooker, you have endless opportunities to make a variety of dishes. Whether you are cooking soup or streaming veggies or preparing rice, this cooker can make all these dishes very quickly though without compromising any quality.

After a day’s hard work, you won’t need to spend the last bit of energy in handling all these dishes rather, now you can spend this time with your kids as the scheduled cooking will be the perfect companion for you at these hours.

One benefit of these cookers is that these rice cookers with brown rice settings enable to cook the brown rice even more perfectly. As you are already aware, brown rice is the one where you can extract the whole nutrient from each rice grain. But you probably have found it a bit troublesome to cook brown rice. But it shouldn’t stop you from taking the healthy course of life.

And hence, these rice cookers are perfect for this occasion. These bpa free brown rice cooker with the optimal settings will cook perfectly. With minimal or no effort, you will have the soft and fluffy rice which your kids will even love. Dinner table won’t be the place where the kids will complain about the rice. The fluffiness will attract people even when they aren’t hungry.

This programmable brown rice cooker comes with two different variants. If you will go for the smaller brown rice cooker, then you can opt for the 12-cup variant. But if you have more people to attend, then you also have the 16-cup variant at your disposal.

With the Aroma rice cooker, you will have the following components:

  • A non-stick inner pot which will ease the cleaning. There won’t be any foods that will get stick into the inner surface and hence, you can clean it very easily without putting much effort.
    The beauty of a rice cooker is that you won’t need to attend unlike cooking in a pot. The rice won’t be burnt and even if there is a layer at the bottom, due to the non-stick surface, you can take it out easily.
  • A steaming tray which is perfect for anything that you want to steam. With the help of this tray, while cooking the rice below, you can steam various foods above at the same time.
  • Rice measuring cup.
  • Soup ladle to prepare all the tasty delicious soups that you will make in this rice cooker.
  • Rice paddle.

Cooking should be something fun and enjoyable while being healthy at the same time. With the hectic day to day life that you have from the morning till the evening, it is understandable that you will eat many courses which may not be healthy for you. But what if there is a way where you can at least lower the intake of unhealthy foods?

The healthy brown rice cookers give you this exact opportunity so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. And that too, without making it a complicated task.

* Panasonic SR-DF101 One Touch Rice Cooker

Among the modern rice cookers which automatically controls the various aspects of cooking, the Panasonic one touch rice cooker is perhaps one which deserves a mention on its own due to the advanced microchip that it brings to the table.

This one-touch rice cooker adjusts the power according to how much rice is being cooked and hence, can save higher electricity bills for you. The fuzzy logic aspect is the one which is pivotal for this feature.

When you are cooking, the microchip will check how much rice you are cooking so that optimal settings can be made which will enable the rice to cook evenly while at the same time, also bringing a balance to the power. Thus, this rice cooker for brown rice not only gives you the perfect cooker for cooking of the brown rice but it will also save you from big bills.

In terms of cooking, this cooker usually cooks white rice in less than half an hour. For brown rice, which does take a bit longer to cook, may take 1 to 1.5 hour depending upon the settings that you will provide. There are lots of steps while cooking brown rice and though it may take a bit longer, the brown rice is something that is beneficial for your health.

There will be a time period for the pre-cook soak and then in the brown rice cooking settings, it may take an hour to cook the rice. When you are cooking brown rice, the most troublesome aspect is that it takes longer to cook and hence if you don’t have even heating, then there is a chance that some portion of rice may get burnt.

But with the Panasonic one touch rice cooker, you won’t need to worry about it as the rice cooker itself provides the uniform heating so that every bit of rice does get cook evenly. Not to mention, the automatic procedure will check the amount of rice and balance the power.

The Panasonic healthy brown rice cooker also comes with two variants of different sizes. There’s a 5 cup version which is a perfect fit for a small family and then there is a 10 cup version which is enough to accommodate more people.

From the pricing point of view, there’s not much of a big difference between the 5 cup version and the 10 cup version and hence, you have to make a judgment call about which one you may want to buy.

This cooker has 4 settings.

  • Quick cook/steam
  • White rice
  • Brown rice
  • Porridge/Soup

As you may have already guessed, the settings are self-explanatory and hence, you won’t need to spend time getting familiar with the cooking procedure. You just need to put the ingredients or rice into the inner pot and select the appropriate settings. The rice cooker will do the rest for you.

* Oster Digital Rice Cooker

This programmable brown rice cooker is a perfect companion for you in your kitchen which will make your life much easier.

Going by the looks, the premium finish that this rice cooker provides is enough to appeal to the customers when the eyes are first set in. But even if we exclude the premium look of this rice cooker, the functionality it provides is even more appealing as it has a versatile purpose which isn’t limited to only cooking rice.

There are 5 functions in this rice cooker which provides the optimal cooking experience for different types of dishes.

  • White rice
  • Brown rice
  • Steam
  • Breakfast
  • Soup

These 5 functions will enable you to cook different dishes at their optimal settings so that you can have the tasty dishes without putting much effort. The delay timer that is included in the cooker also comes in handy which works best when you are using it for delayed cooking or even delayed warming.

There are different versions of this rice cooker available ranging from 6 cups to 20 cups. If you have a smaller family, then you can go for the smaller ones as it will be much cheaper. The 20 cups is perfect to accommodate more number of people and can cook a large amount at once.

The locking lid that is provided with this rice cooker makes an airtight seal which enables you to touch the rice cooker even when it is heated inside. Hence, you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting your hand burnt by the rice cooker even when it is cooking and warm inside.

If there are any kids running around who may touch the rice cooker, it is still safe as the warmness is only inside and the outside is cool enough to touch as the airtight seal isolates the inner and outer portion of the rice cooker.

Pros And Cons of Using A Brown Rice Cooker

While you will be using a rice cooker for brown rice, you will experience many advantages and disadvantages to it.


  • Make breakfast in the most convenient way: Most modern rice cookers come with the schedule cooking feature. Which means you can set the clock to set the time at which the cooking should be started. It gives you the convenience to make a perfect breakfast for you.
    All you need to do is, before you sleep, add everything in the rice cooker and set the needed time at which the cooking should be started in the morning. The rice cooker will automatically start cooking as it was scheduled and you won’t be wasting time without sacrificing the breakfast even when you have a very busy schedule.
  • Power saving: With advanced microchips technology, most rice cookers also have power saving mode where it regulates the power in accordance with the amount of rice that is about to be cooked. If the amount is small, then it will use a lesser amount of power. As a result, you will be saving electricity bills.
  • Steaming vegetables: Rice cookers also provide you with the option to steam vegetables. Some cookers will even provide you with the option to cook rice and steam at the same time. Thus, you can cook two dishes at once which saves time and power.
  • Warm foods: The cooker has the ability to warm the foods according to the settings that you will set.


Along with all the advantages that a rice cooker brings, there are some disadvantages to it also. Hence you need to consider the pros and cons in order to decide whether a rice cooker does fit in your kitchen or not. Following are a few disadvantages of using a rice cooker:

  • If you cook only rice in the rice cooker, then it will seem like a waste of space in your kitchen for having a cooker for just one purpose. The advantage of the rice cooker comes only when you are cooking versatile foods such as porridge, soups, steamed veggies etc.
    In this versatile approach in cooking, the rice cooker will justify the space that it takes in the kitchen. But if you will use it for just one purpose of cooking rice, then it may seem like a waste of space.
  • In a pressure cooker, the rice generally gets cooked way quicker than the rice cooker. Though while cooking the brown rice, the rice cooker with brown rice settings will be the perfect cooker for you.
    As the brown rice takes a bit of time to get cooked which involves various procedures of cooking, the brown rice cooker makes the perfect platform to cook it. But, if you are cooking only white rice, then a pressure cooker may sound more convenient for you.
  • Many rice cookers don’t have uniform heating. As a result of which, especially in case of slow heating, there will be some amount of rice which may get burnt at multiple places. Though modern rice cookers do provide uniform heating, many other models have suffered from it.


Brown rice has been proven to be more beneficial than the white rice and time has come for you to incorporate it into your diet also considering the multiple nutrients that it brings compared to the white rice. But it may take a bit of tedious approach to cook the brown rice but thanks to the best rice cooker for brown rice, you can cook it easily.

You will have to take the aspect of price, features, and aesthetics to determine which one does appeal to you most. But if we go by general perspective, then Aroma housewares rice cooker does come up on top with all the features along with the premiere look.

The pricing point also doesn’t vary from model to model. With the cool touch technology, even heating, and the production of fluffy rice does make this rice cooker a strong contender along with Zojirushi Umami rice cooker.

We hope this article has brought you the various details regarding the best rice cooker for cooking brown rice and gives a different perspective that will help you to choose one which will be best for you.

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