Today, your search for the best rice cooker with stainless steel inner bowl is going to end.

You will learn about some of the best rice cookers around today. But as you know, not all rice cookers are the same. Even though they may look identical, the devil is in the details.

Rice cookers come in various shapes, sizes, and material compositions. Every cooker also has a different capacity. It becomes really important to know more about rice cookers before actually going out to buy one.

This review sheds as much light as possible on stainless steel rice cookers. For example, vegetables and rice come directly in contact with the cooking surface which is why you need a rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot. Before moving further, we will investigate some more benefits of this type of pot.

What is a Stainless Steel Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers are a type of cookware that is becoming more and more popular these days. People use these appliances due to the convenience they offer. As the name suggests a stainless steel rice cooker cooks great rice, but that’s not all it does. You can cook other meals using these stainless steel pots. This cookware has a lot to offer despite its deceptive name.

A rice cooker is especially designed to cook rice in large quantities with less supervision. A typical rice cooker includes an inner pot, some heating element, and thermostat control. These appliances are really easy and simple to use.

A rice cooker makes it easier to cook rice. To ease the process even more, various modern rice cookers come with a warming mechanism. This mechanism prevents the rice from overcooking while keeping the rice warm.

Best Rice Cooker With Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker

If you don't have time for cooking, this model has an option for Quick Rice, which cuts down the cooking time by 50%.

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Cuckoo Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

This versatile device comes with many programmed options making your work in the kitchen a lot easier.

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Oyama Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

The rice cooker from Oyama can cook up to 16 cups of cooked rice, which makes it perfect for a big family.

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Tatung Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

If quicker and more even heating is what you seek in rice cooker, this one is a great option to consider.

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To choose the best rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot, you need to do a lot of research. Only then will you be able to decide which product is the right one for you. Many times people go after products that they do not actually need. It’s a waste of money and precious time.

To save you from that we’ve come up with this review to help you learn about different rice cookers and choose the best one for yourself. So read on about the different models and take your pick.

* Aroma Simply stainless rice cooker

This is one of the most popular rice cookers on the market. This stainless steel rice cooker from Aroma Simply can cook up to 3 cups of uncooked rice or 6 cups of cooked rice. It offers various features to make the cooking process a lot easier.

This rice cooker comes with a steamer. You can steam vegetables and meat using this steamer at the same time as you cook your rice below. This makes it easier to cook a one-pot meal.

Aroma Simply rice cooker offers a keep warm feature, which switches on automatically once the food has been cooked. So you do not have to monitor the food all the time. Its Unique Sensor Logic technology enables it to optimize the temperature by itself to further enhance the texture and flavor.

This rice cooker offers preset options for cooking brown and white rice as well as for steaming and slow cooking. These presets make it convenient to use.

Aroma Simply stainless rice cooker even offers a 15-hour Delay Timer for a flexible meal planning. Not just that, the rice cooker also has an option for Quick Rice, which cuts down cooking time by 50%. This cooker also comes with accessories like a measuring cup, steam tray, recipe book, and serving spatula.


  • Holds 6-cup cooked rice
  • Stainless steel outer surface
  • Multifunction
  • Dishwasher safe inner pot
  • Easier to program and use


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Offer 15-hour delay time
  • Arrives with useful accessories
  • Cooks other meals


  • Beeps loudly

* Cuckoo stainless steel rice cooker

Cuckoo stainless steel rice cooker is the most notable product when we talk about innovation in rice cooking technology. This model from Cuckoo comes with a stainless steel inner pot as well as a stainless steel ventilated pipe system.

This rice cooker has an LED touch screen display with various presets. It cooks amazing, healthy rice with advanced functionality and peerless performance. With Cuckoo stainless steel rice cooker, you can cook up to 6 cups of cooked rice.

It even offers voice navigation in three languages, which are Chinese, Korean, and English. You can even control this rice cooker using your Android device!

Users can cook meals other than rice with this device such as chicken soup, sushi rice, porridge, and much more. This rice cooker even offers options for bread baking and fermenting. You even get an option for auto steam cleaning with this rice cooker, which means you don’t ever have to about cleaning this pot.

Cuckoo stainless steel promotes even cooking due to the induction heating. You can cook meals in high and low pressure modes, which are 2ATM and 1.2ATM respectively. This rice cooker is made with 304-stainless steel, and the cover lid and cooking pot are both dishwasher safe.


  • 6-cup capacity of cooked rice
  • Various presets available
  • Ferments and bakes
  • Offers low and high heat options


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Supports three languages
  • Cooks other meals besides rice
  • Auto steam cleaning feature


  • Expensive
  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Unclear English instructions

* Oyama stainless steel rice cooker

This rice cooker from Oyama can cook up to 16 cups of cooked rice, which makes it perfect for a big family. It is made from 304-grade stainless steel with a 3-layer bottom plate.The Oyama rice cooker comes with a steaming tray that one can use for steaming foods like vegetables, dim sum, and fish.

You can steam foods at the same time as you cook your rice. This saves time and is perfect for one-pot meals.

You can operate this rice cooker with a single press. The rice cooker also has a keep warm feature, which keeps the food warm for up to 24 hours. It switches off automatically after cooking. The best part of the Oyama rice cooker is that it features a transparent glass lid, which allows you to see what’s cooking inside.

Oyama rice cooker cooks the rice perfectly due its three-dimensional heating. This technique allows it to cook the food faster and more evenly as heat is spread all over the rice cooker. It spreads heat to the lid, side, and base.

However, it does not support fancy cooking presets as compared to other rice cookers. It does offer two buttons to make your cooking experience easier, though. They enable you to cook meals like soups, jambalayas, steamed vegetables, eggs, steamed fish, and much more effortlessly.


  • 16-cup capacity of cooked rice
  • Cooks even food
  • Supports the keep warm feature
  • Surgical 304-grade stainless steel inner pot


  • Comes with a glass lid
  • Decent price for its size
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Offers a steaming tray


  • Thin inner pot
  • Food sticks at the bottom
  • Is not non-stick

* Tatung stainless steel rice cooker

This is another multifunctional stainless steel rice cooker. Tatung stainless steel rice cooker can cook up to 22 cups of cooked rice or 11 cups of uncooked rice. This rice cooker does not have any Teflon, which is questionable as far as non-stick surfaces go, so you don’t have to worry about what is getting into your meals. Its outer and inner pot both are made from 304-grade stainless steel.

Tatung rice cooker supports four kinds of cooking modes such as rice cooking, stewing, steaming, and braising. It can be the perfect rice cooker to support all your cooking needs. Also, this rice cooker uses an indirect heating system for even cooking. This heating system maintains flavor and texture while spreading heat and steam all around the pot.

Tatung stainless steel rice cooker is an ideal product for large families. What makes this rice cooker great is its ability to steam a wide range of dishes like vegetables and seafood while cooking rice perfectly.

However, it does not come with any timer or screen. It supports only two buttons, one for “Cook” and the other one for “Warm”. In addition, this Tatung rice cooker comes with useful accessories such as a rice spatula, measuring cup, and steaming tray. The company offers a 1-year warranty.


  • Uses the indirect heating system
  • Multifunction
  • Made with 304-grade stainless steel
  • Striking shiny appearance


  • 22-cup capacity of cooked rice
  • Comes with a steaming tray
  • Extremely durable
  • Easier to program and use
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • Lid isn’t very tough
  • Doesn’t come with presets

Why Should You Choose a Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Bowl?

There are various reasons why you should choose a stainless steel rice cooker inner pot. Some of the reasons are listed as follows:


Stainless steel pots are quite durable and last much last longer. These pots can endure general wear and tear including dents, corrosion, warping, exfoliation, and cleavages. Due to these factors, stainless steel bowls negate the need for constant upkeep and repair.

Users will save a lot of money with stainless steel cookers as they will spend less on maintenance. A stainless steel rice cooker bowl has proven to be reliable over long periods of time.


Stainless Steel gives a gleaming and shiny surface. A pot made with this material has a classic aesthetic value. These pots can make the décor of your kitchen look more attractive and appealing.

Easy to Clean

It is a lot easier to remove accumulated dirt and grime from stainless steel pots. These types of steel pots do not absorb or harden whatever accumulates on them. So, it is really easy to remove any mess from the pot surface. You can also clean the inside of the stainless steel rice cooker bowl effortlessly after preparing meals in it.

Repels Dirt

As stated above, stainless steel repels debris effectively and efficiently. Because of this, your pots will always remain clean. Additionally, no bacteria will stick to the surface, which makes the food prepared using these pots always fit for human consumption. You do not have to worry about cleanliness, and these pots stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Isn’t that a load off?

Worth the Money

Stainless steel pots are definitely worth the money due to fewer repairs, long-term reliability, and low maintenance. All these benefits make stainless steel pots a great choice. Users can accrue more benefits from these pots than they have actually paid for.


Stainless steel pots are non-stick as well. The food prepared in these pots will not stick much to the cooking surface. It is also safer to cook food in these stainless steel pots as compared to other non-stick cookware made from materials like Teflon and aluminum.

Withstand High Pressure

As you know, some foods require high-pressure steam to cook properly. No material can withstand high pressure better than stainless steel because of its resiliency and robustness. Other types of non-stick cookware are made with Teflon, which releases poisonous gases when subjected to higher temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, Teflon coating begins to chip off which ultimately leads to the consumption of the metal. Due to these reasons, stainless steel bowls are perfect as they can withstand high pressures easily. So, you should prepare your meals using stainless steel pots. Surely, it will grant you peace of mind along with lots of benefits.

How to Use a Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot saves you from hectically cooking rice in the conventional way. However, you have to have some basic knowledge regarding how to use it. It is not really difficult as it sounds though. You prepare rice in a rice cooker in the following way.

Step 1: Measure rice

Initially, you need to measure the rice. Measurements become really important when you cook rice using a cooker. You can measure rice using measuring cups and then put the rice into the stainless steel bowl. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse the rice to remove any dirt.

Step 2: Measure water

Now, measure the water after you are done with the rice. The water has to be cold. Put it in the pot once measured. For measurements, you can use the guide that comes along with the rice cooker.

Different rice cookers use different measurements. It is best to go with the manual in the beginning. Once you’ve mastered the art, you can adjust measurements on your own.

Step 3: Add flavors

Now, you are all set to add flavors to your rice. You can add oil, salt, cardamom, bay leaves, and other flavors of your choice. It is better to add flavors before you start to cook. This helps the rice absorb all the flavors while cooking. Place the cooking pot into the rice cooker.

Step 4: Confirm functions

Some rice cookers have cooking functions for every kind of rice like white, yellow, or brown. If you are a beginner, go for a cooker with a single button or simple on/off function. Once cooked, you will hear a beep. After that, it automatically switches to the warm mode feature. That’s all! Enjoy your cooked rice.

Features to Go With for a Great Rice Cooker

If you are thinking of buying a rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot, you should look for the following features. You can check whether your ideal rice cooker shares these features or not. Have a look at some features of a rice cooker below!

Enough Capacity

The first thing that you must check about a rice cooker is its capacity. Every rice cooker comes with different capacities. If you want to cook for just yourself, a cooker with 3 cups uncooked or 6 cups cooked will be enough for you. For larger meals, you need to consider a cooker with more capacity.

Keep Warm Mode

It is better to go with a rice cooker that comes with the mode “Keep Warm”. This function is really helpful to make sure you always get warm food. This feature makes your eating experience easier and more flexible.


A rice cooker needs to be versatile, which means it should be able to cook more than just rice. This feature opens up endless possibilities. It also saves space, effort, and time. We suggest you give these kinds of cookers a shot.

Cooking Settings

While looking for a rice cooker, you need to take a look at its cooking settings. Some rice cookers come with various cooking presets, where you just need to press a button to cook rice your way. On the other hand, some come with only a few buttons to be less complicated. It all comes down to what features you want and need.

How to Clean a Rice Cooker?

There is no big secret behind cleaning a rice cooker. Most of these appliances support dishwashing. So you can easily throw the inner pot of these cookers into a dishwasher and let it do the work for you.

However, there are rice cookers on the market such as Cuckoo stainless steel rice cooker that supports auto steam cleaning. This feature makes the cleaning process a lot easier. You can sit back and let the multifunctional rice cooker do the cleaning.

You can also clean a rice cooker manually, but be careful. Make use of the tips given below to make your rice cooker look like new.

  • First, remove the inner pot from the rice cooker. You can then wash the inner bowl in warm and soapy water.
  • Make sure not to use abrasive cleaning products to clean the rice cooker.
  • You can clean the exterior pot with a moist cloth.
  • You need to ensure there is no debris sticking to the heating plate. It should be clean so that debris does not get into your food during the cooking process.
  • Before using the heating plate, make sure to dry it thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

This review is just to give a sample of what is trendy and available on the market these days. All of these rice cookers are top-rated cookware with really great reviews. You can go with any of these rice cookers based on your needs and requirements.

If you do not have a big family, you can go with rice cookers with smaller cooking capacities. In this category, you have options like the Aroma Simply and the Cuckoo stainless steel rice cooker. Other people with larger families can go with rice cookers that offer large cooking capacities.

In this category, you can opt for either the Oyama or Tatung stainless steel cooker. The Oyama rice cooker cooks 16 cups of cooked rice, for example. If that’s not enough, you can go with the Tatung rice cooker that cooks 22 cups of cooked rice at a time. Look no further if you are looking for a rice cooker with a large cooking capacity!

No matter what product you choose, it’s important to know what features you want and need in a rice cooker. As we stated earlier, you need to consider various aspects before you go out to buy a rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot.

In this review, we have tried to give you this information as well as go through rice cookers that share all the essential features you would expect. We hope this review helped you out in finding your perfect rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot.


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