Best Siphon Coffee Maker Review – Going Back to Basics

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Every household owns at least one type of coffee maker, the rise in the popularity of vacuum coffee brewers sparked the search for the best siphon coffee maker.

Drinking coffee has been a part of people’s daily lives, so finding the best way to extract that golden liquid is a precious feat. More and more people are becoming a lot curious in finding out which method is the most effective in brewing coffee beans in order to fully bring out the best tasting aromatic coffee every time.

The quest is real and a method that was founded centuries ago made quite a successful come back as more coffee enthusiasts are experiencing great results.

It is a well-known fact that most household own at least one coffee maker but still there are those who are self- confessed passionate coffee enthusiasts who own many different types coffee makers and they are not just sitting on the kitchen counter or cabinets untouched.

They are using each to enjoy different variants of coffee to match their mood or craving. Drinking coffee is like a therapy to most people and enjoying a cup or two improves their daily performance. Let’s find out which method will be most successful in brewing the best coffee.

The Best Siphon Coffee Brewer

Even with the innovation on coffee making machines, there are people who would still fall in line at a coffee shop to enjoy their favorite hand-crafted beverage.

They have the option to make coffee at home but prefer to walk into that fragrance of coffee and pastries to “reward” themselves for the work they’re doing. It’s just a couple of bucks anyway but they are slowly learning that they have been spending a lot once they compute their expenses for the week or for the whole month.

Financially speaking, they have become more conscious about their expenses, knowing that they can make their own coffee at home and still enjoy that same great tasting coffee while spending less. Another reason is that, they realize that it’s healthier to make their own blend at home.

Coffee is healthy if drank moderately and combined with the right ingredients as it boosts memory, high in anti- oxidants and improves exercise endurance. Choosing to brew your choice of ground coffee is the key but you also need to consider a good creamer and sugar to match.

Making this cupped lightning at home gives you the freedom to select the ingredients and personalize or alter the amount of creamer and sugar in every serving that you will drink.

This is where the relentless search for the coffee machine that will combine convenience and reliability in making the perfect brewed cup of liquid energy emerged. One of the brewing methods that caught the attention of many is the siphon or vacuum brewing method.

Purchase of vacuum pot coffee maker, automatic vacuum coffee maker, glass vacuum coffee maker has increased because of its simple design yet most satisfying method compared to the others.

The mechanism may look complicated but it’s much simpler than you think, with practice you will be able to master the technique and will soon enjoy the multi-sensory pleasure that comes with enjoying your homemade coffee.

I would have to say that I was hesitant to use it after purchase, it actually remained unboxed in the kitchen cabinet for more than a week before I gathered up the strength to finally try brewing coffee in it.

Although it came with a user manual, I wanted to make sure that I will be doing it correctly, so I searched online and found a number of videos using our coffee distiller, siphon coffee brewer. Following the simple steps, I realized it wasn’t that complicated after all.

The next couple of days of coffee preparation has become more exciting as I can already enjoy the sight of boiling water moving up from the bottom bulb infusing the ground coffee on the top bulb and while this is happening the kitchen is continuously smelling divine.

No exaggeration but just the sight of the coffee brewing mixed with the aroma engulfing our kitchen is enough to wake up my senses then taking a sip just completes my perk me up process.

* Hario Technica 5-Cup Glass Syphon Coffee Maker

The first set of gravity coffee maker I acquired was from the manufacturer Hario, Technica model.

I already have a couple of coffee makers at home, I purchased a French press, Espresso coffee maker, Automatic drip coffee maker and a stovetop coffee maker, but there came a time when I got really swamped with work and household responsibilities when I got into the habit of buying coffee on the way to work.

Feeling that I am always in a rush to go from one place to another, fulfilling roles for various task I felt I no longer have the time to make my own cup lest enjoy a relaxing moment savoring every sip of the liquid energy.

Sad to say, I’m drinking coffee out of habit and belief that it will help keep me awake. I was doing my monthly accounting for home expenses when I had the shock of a lifetime (I experience this shock occasionally) this time it was from an expense that I didn’t really expect.

I did spend around $3-5 a day for a cup or two of what I consider my brain juice, which when added up felt unreasonably expensive. I felt a pang of guilt and searched online for an alternative that would be more acceptable. I wanted to cut down on my expense but hoping that I will still enjoy a tasty cup and still be able to manage all the work that needs to be accomplished.

In my search for that one equipment that I won’t get tired of using, I came across a method that looks really promising. It didn’t look very easy to do but it doesn’t take long to do either plus I’ll have the freedom to select my ingredients and alter the blend to what will suit my taste.

I was fascinated by the fact that brewing coffee would seem like an experiment in every preparation because the equipment does look like I am a mad scientist brewing a chemical in a beaker over a Bunsen burner.

I look forward to every brewing experience, with the newly shaped lower and upper bowl and burner are all made with borosilicate glass with scale markings to ensure that water inside the lower bowl is always enough is also heat resistant, so I don’t need to worry about cleaning up broken pieces of glass due to heat.

But as a precaution, I see to it that there are no droplets of water on the outer part of the glass parts to prevent cracking.

The rest of the parts such as the filter, stand and burner cover are made of stainless steel, while fasteners and windbreak are made of brass and aluminum respectively, add the food-grade plastic and silicone that can last for years and many more brewing moments.

With its compact 5 cup capacity, dimensions of 14 inches for the height, 6.2 inches width and 4.3 inches length this automatic vacuum coffee maker can be left on the kitchen counter or stored carefully in the kitchen cabinet. These materials make this vacuum coffee brewer easy to clean so maintenance is a breeze and lifespan of the parts will brew more cups of coffee than you expect.

I was initially intimidated while in the process of unboxing especially with 2 large parts made of glass. I was contemplating about reselling this electric vacuum coffee maker or keeping it for future use more than actually using it.

But my determination to change my spending habits is stronger than my fear and so I made sure that I fully equipped myself with the knowledge on how to operate this type of coffee maker.

I watched online video tutorials, following the step by step procedure I was able to successfully create my very own coffee blend using my very own vacuum coffee brewer at the comfort of my own home.

Consistent smooth coffee consistency along with the therapeutic aroma always leaves me energized. I would have to emphasize on the fact that brewing coffee has never been as fascinating for me, it is indeed a sight to behold.

In about a month I saved up quite a lot of money. I want to encourage coffee fans like me to invest in kitchen appliance such as this glass vacuum coffee maker and enjoy the freedom and savings while stimulating all their senses thus increase productivity and encouraging discipline.


  • Durable glass parts made with heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • Rust proof stand, burner cover and filter
  • Compact with dimension 14Hx 6.2Wx 4.3L
  • Easy to use
  • Made in Japan
  • No residue just pure coffee goodness


  • Looks intimidating at first
  • May take a few tries to get used to the handling of the equipment
  • Has the tendency to break if you are not too careful

* Bodum K1218-16 Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker with Burner & Accessories

Finding the best techniques to brew my favorite morning pick-me-upper has started my quest to try out other vacuum pot coffee maker in the market. Finding out new methods in brewing gave me the excitement and thinking about how the coffee will taste after it goes through this process is satisfying enough.

Full of wonder and awe, let me share with you how this magic called gravity coffee maker works.

The vacuum coffee maker works on the premise of vaporization.

Water from the lower valve will be brought to a boil, the water vapor will expand and forced to move up the upper chamber where your ground coffee is nestled.

It will moisten the ground coffee first as water gradually increases to move up the hot water will mix with the ground coffee leaving it soaked for a few minutes before ultimately submerging the precious ground beans making it more relaxed and loosened extracting all the aroma, flavor and minerals.

Unlike any other coffee makers, this gives you the best of both worlds because it totally immerses the ground coffee in perfectly tempered water extracts every bit of coffee flavor and scent that wakes up every part of your body.

When the upper chamber is already filled with water, it’s time to remove it from the heat as the water vapor cools down the presence of pressure inside the valve lessens then gravity will pull the clean, infused taste of brewed coffee down the lower valve.

That was why I fell immediately in love with this Bodum’s vacuum coffee maker. The sleek glass design makes brewing coffee all the more entertaining by giving you an all access pass to what is happening inside while the water is being brought to a boil until the water vapor starts moving up towards the upper vessel, giving the feel of mesmerizing water show every single brew.

Though it looks fragile, but it is very durable and heat-resistant, the lower bowl has a stay-cool-handle that is safe for the users and a stopper that keeps Coffee warm and flavorful. Adjustable flame from the burner makes it easier to regulate the temperature of the water. The powerful extraction extracts the precious oils from your favorite coffee beans.

The vacuum or siphoning technique makes exceptionally effective brewing method that extracts flavor while sealing in the pure taste and scent Another best thing about the PEBO vacuum coffee is the fact that it helps save electricity and you can bring it if you’re planning on an out of town trip, going camping or visiting your parents.

You don’t need to sacrifice a day without this magical equipment because you can bring it conveniently anywhere and can still perform its job even without electricity, no plugs and wires attached to this product because it is powered by a regular lighter fluid placed inside the gas tank of its very own burner.

Its stainless-steel stand is made of stainless steel which can be disassembled for easy clean-up.

Not only is coffee preparation a breeze but the clean-up is no fuzz as well because the materials are dishwasher safe.

No need to think about clean-up afterwards, just a moment to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee whether in the comfort of your home or on the way to work and assured of all the coffee goodness and health benefits that you get from using only ingredients that you want inside your body.


  • Used borosilicate glass for the upper and lower glass chamber
  • Burner gas tank is refillable and utilizes regular lighter fluid
  • Parts are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Very handy and easy to transport
  • Easy to clean
  • With dial control flame to easily adjust and monitor temperature


  • The filter has the tendency to get clogged
  • Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon (Syphon) Coffee Maker 5 Cups

* Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon Coffee Maker

Coffee provides a lot of benefits to the body, it does not merely supply the body with caffeine to keep it alert and awake, but it also contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the body with the right amount of consumption.

Coffee is also a good source of some essential nutrients and has high anti-oxidant content which is good for the heart, lowers your risk to certain type so of infections and forms of cancer. Aside from keeping us awake, coffee boosts metabolism and enhance the various functionalities of the brain.

Always watch out for the variable that are added to your coffee to achieve the maximum benefits of drinking it.

This is easier to do if we will be the one to personally prepare our coffee. Whether you are always on the go, a homebody, fancy or plain simple. Your choice of coffee preparation may dictate your dedication to drinking your personally prepared caffeine formula.

In order for you to remain enthusiastically proactive with your coffee preparation you need to be more hands-on in selecting your equipment, ingredients, utensils and ceramic wear or tumbler.

I suggest that you should be the one to personally choose the type of grind you love, bring out that special coffee mug or tumbler that instantly lifts up your mood, and ensure that you have healthy options for the sweetener and creamer that you will add to your magnificent drink as well, don’t forget to wake up a little earlier than usual to fully feast on the sight of your brewing coffee and immerse in the current moment.

Most importantly, the method that you would like to use in order to extract that creamy, flavorful and aromatic coffee every single time. Additional word of advice, before you have the urgency to buy ready-made coffee, ask yourself if it is all worth the extra money?

The Kendal Table top Siphon Coffee Maker makes a great addition to your kitchenware as it does not only help you produce great tasting, silky smooth and therapeutic coffee every time. But it can be used to make a solo cup if you are the only one craving for an energy boost but can also make up to 5 cups which is good for sharing when you invite your friends or relatives over.

It has a fancy design that feels like royalty and all the more inspires you to bring out your creativity and inspires you to become more productive. The glass used for this coffee distiller, siphon coffee brewer is made of heat resistant materials which ensures that it won’t break easily amidst the high temperature it will be subjected to.

Brewing coffee won’t be hindered if there’s no electricity or out camping because this comes with an alcohol burner that looks equally elegant and complements the total look of the coffee maker. Another important thing is the ease of use which gives you no reason to stop brewing your own coffee and to just settle in buying from coffee shops.

This coffee maker gives you more freedom, aside from the freedom to mix and match the ingredients that you will be using cleanup is the least that you need to worry about because the parts are easy to take apart. It makes cleaning the parts thoroughly possible and you can be assured that you will not store the parts with coffee residue trapped in the crevices.

Therefore, storage is flexible as well as you can either put it on top of your counter top or store it in your kitchen cabinet. Either way, you will have space for it whether you have a small or spacious kitchen or if you are planning to bring it along as you travel or go out and enjoy nature.


  • Brings out the best in coffee beans
  • Efficient to use
  • Fun way to make coffee without spending less
  • Elegant looking design, can be part of a display on your countertop


  • For faster brewing, you need to pre-boil the water if you want faster boiling time
  • The glass used may be a bit more fragile than its counterparts

* Nispira Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker

Elegance and purpose combined, Nispira’s design is remarkably classy.

What better way to look forward to your coffee preparation and stay determined in making your coffee blend anytime and as frequent as possible. This may have originated from ancient celebrations involving coffee and deserts. The rise of fashionable splendor design usually prepared for solemn ceremonies or sumptuous banquets and receptions.

Whose main objective was to impress and at the same time show respect and provide importance to the esteemed guests. Seeing all this extravagance left the guests in awe and ultimately entertained just by looking at the beauty of the siphon coffee maker.

It was indeed a successful way to entertain the guests. They already have been left satisfied even without having to taste the food and beverage yet.

Today, even with the rise of highly technological kitchen gadgets people are beginning to slow down a bit and go back to basics. Self-care is probably one of the main reasons why more people are trying to slow down, starting to believe that less is more, that busy doesn’t always mean productive.

Enjoying a cup of coffee doesn’t always mean falling in line inside a coffee shop. It pertains more about being more engaged when enjoying your very own cup of coffee.

You are sure that this blend is served exclusively to you and only you have the exact elements that make-up the best tasting coffee that you will be savoring for the next 15- 30 minutes of serenity before all the chaos and noise of the day starts.

You are so involved in making each cup, starting from the coffee beans, grinding it and pouring it into the upper valve as soon as the water starts to boil.

Nowadays, people are learning to transform their lives into a more practical and simple state. Stopping for a few minutes and enjoying the moment, looking in mesmerizing energy giving liquid slowly brewing to perfection without hastily hurrying up the process but instead immersing into the careful and stillness of the art.

This golden coffee maker does not only look the part, but it also does what is expected from it.

This exuberant coffee maker can make 3-5 cups of prestigious tasting coffee. Its water retainer is made of stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about tarnishing. Glass parts and alcohol burner are made with high resistant materials.

Balancing shaft, cup, measuring spoon and handle are all plated. It does work with the same mechanism as the other vacuum coffee makers, but I must admit that this one is definitely pleasurable to look at.

This equipment alone makes your kitchen look elegant in an instant, not to mention making the waiting time for your coffee to brew more engaging. The aroma of the coffee slowly engulfs your kitchen with an energetic kick while it is slowly being infused in the perfectly tempered water vapor.

Slowly immersing every bits and pieces of your ground coffee until it sips to every part and extracts every acid, mineral and oil that will provide you with the boost of energy and vitamins to get you through the day.

This vacuum coffee maker comes with 3 filters but most of the users mentioned that it works fine even without cloth filters. I might try it out soon because I always use coffee filters when brewing. As for the feature, what I noticed is that vacuum or siphon coffee makers are similar in terms of the way they brew coffee and the process involved is very much the same.

There may be differences in terms of water management and filtering, but siphon vacuum coffee makers promise the same great tasting smooth cup of coffee without leaving any sediments.

Customer service is extremely commendable as well, a friend of mine ordered this item and a part broken when she received it but upon informing the customer service about it, she immediately received the replacement part without having to make a follow up. Did I mention that it is just too gorgeous not to purchase? I’m talking about chemistry, humanities and arts combined.

Brew your coffee and watch as the water boils and watch the coffee become infused and submerge creating a beautiful and aromatic liquid.

In terms of savings, you will not only be able to save money from no longer buying handcrafted beverages from coffee shops, but you will also save electricity because you don’t need to turn on the electric stove to use this gadget, as it comes with its own alcohol burner.

No wonder this product is highly recommended, it’s a perfect balance of aesthetics and function rolled into one compact kitchen equipment. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of using this and I hope it will last longer as well. So far so good, but in case I’ll be needing spare parts I’m confident with the customer service that they will provide will be timely and professional.


  • Gold plated parts gives out a royal feel
  • Water retainer and plug is made of stainless steel
  • Produces quality tasting coffee each and every time.
  • No electricity needed
  • No need to pre- boil water
  • Feels like you are doing a science project
  • Remarkable customer service


  • May take longer to brew coffee


You’ve finally decided that you will purchase a coffee maker, time to assess your coffee drinking habits, objective and preferences. As these factors will determine which of the coffee makers being sold in the market the perfect match for your impeccable taste is. Ask yourself, how many cups you can consume in a day, so you will know the capacity of the equipment you will buy.

Also consider the size of your kitchen, storage space and countertop size.

Will you be using it frequently and you need it readily available staying on your countertop or should you keep it every time you are done using it? Frequency and times that you drink coffee is also important because you need to know if you will be needing an equipment with insulation to preserve the heat longer.

It may take time to be able to perfect the art of using a vacuum coffee maker as fragile parts are used and it involves hands-on and manual preparation. No buttons to push or timer to set, you will have to rely on your senses most of the time which in a way is a good therapy and relaxes the mind even before you have your caffeine boost.

There are tons of great vacuum coffee makers in the market, I’ve already narrowed down the choices for you. Your choice will now depend on your personal preferences. In the long run, what matters is you enjoy every cup that you will make with your very own siphon coffee maker.

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