If you are searching for the ideal addition to your kitchen, or some innovative gadget to help you make the best properly-cooked meal, then your search will surely end with an American made slow cooker. A slow cooker made in USA is one of the best ways to fulfill your cooking needs.

Sure, it doesn’t fill every need, but it does cover a wide range as far as slow cooking is concerned.

When I first acquired an American made slow cooker, I was going in blind. I didn’t know anyone who could vouch for its effectiveness and efficiency. Though it was a bit on the expensive side, my first trial run with this gadget convinced me that I had indeed made the right decision.

This kind of slow cooker is not available everywhere. It’s a shame, because so many people could stand to benefit from using one.

I had lots of kitchen needs I really needed to cover. For example, I barely even have the time to monitor my cooking; I can’t just stand there and babysit a pot on the stove all day. I really needed to have automated time control over my cooking, and I needed to be sure that a well-prepared meal would come out the other side when I threw together the ingredients and walked out the door.

So, with all these needs needing to be met, I decided to surf the internet for devices that could give me a bit of control over my cooking. That was when I came across the American made slow cookers.

Did I see other slow cookers? Yes, I saw a lot of slow cooking devices. It all depends on your budget. If you’re the type that is used to having steel around you, there may be limitations to its use, as steel serves as a good conductor of electricity, and any major malfunction can cause a shock. But one thing that attracted me to these unique devices was their wide range of use and versatility.

There isn’t always enough time to stand in your kitchen and do everything from beginning to end. Time is money. So why spend so much money standing at your oven when you can have a versatile device that handles the whole thing? The versatile device you need is a slow cooker.

Choosing the Best American Made Slow Cooker

360 Cookware Slow Cooker

Its small 4-quart size makes it an ideal size for a small family.

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American Clad 7-ply Slow Cooker

This one ensures evenly, effective and efficient preparation of meals preventing food burn.

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I don’t know if you have used any sets of slow cookers made in American or any other country. But if you have used an American-made slow cooker before, then you’re probably already aware of the huge difference between both sets of slow cookers and the overwhelming advantage you possess if you happen to have one.

American-made slow cookers with stainless steels pots afford you the advantage of durability because of its well-made construction. It is not fragile and will not easily get damaged.

Generally, there are reasons people purchase slow cookers; one of them is to quit wasting time monitoring your food. With these devices, you get full control of cooking temperature and time, so the meal is always ready in exactly the way and exactly when you want it.

Of all the above-mentioned needs, the best American made dish to serve these needs is the 360 cookware stainless steel cookware; it’s an American-made 4-quart pot for gas, electric, induction stoves.

Its waterless cooking is simply amazing. This unique feature may even make you think of it as a small oven. Don’t tell anyone I said that! With this device, you are sure to be impressed.

✔️ 360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware, American Made, 4 Quart

I have one of these gadgets and my love for it started from the very first day. Unlike most slow cookers, where damage to one part of the device hinders the entire device’s functionality, the detachability of certain parts of this device ensures continuous functionality.

This means that when the cooking control compartment is intact but damage to the pot has occurred, the pot can simply be replaced. Or, if damage occurs with the control compartment, the pot can be used on gas or stovetop like normal.

My favorite part of this American made stain steel slow cooker is the heavy pot and lid it possesses, which helps prevent spillage and also anti-dent and anti-scratch advantages.

I worry less about breaking my pot because it is not brittle.

No matter how many times it crashed to the floor of my kitchen, I was able to pick it right back up again. This amazing gadget comes with a temperature regulation control on the base attached to it which makes it a slow cooking device. It can also perform waterless cooking, a very important plus for America-made devices.

Its small 4-quart size makes it an ideal size for a small family. I would gladly say if you’re a mother always faced with the need to finish your cooking on time while getting other home chores done, then get this device and enjoy the relief that comes with it.


  • Applicable for gas cooktop and electricity with the use of a detachable pot
  • Highly durable with its stainless steel
  • The possibility of a waterless cooking
  • Comfortably-fitted lifting handles
  • Less energy consumption


  • No transparent lid so you can’t watch what’s cooking.
  • No side clip for the lid.
  • Small in size.
  • No specific programmable setting to an exact needed temperature.

✔️ American-7-ply-Stainless-Stock-Cooker

These kitchen gadgets made in America have got some hefty competition. This one in particular comes with a slow cooker base, steel pot and lid. With its 5-quart size and ability to produce an amazing meal, this one should be the one for you.

It comes with a 7-ply construction that ensures even, effective and efficient preparation of meals while preventing food burn. The fact that the pot is made of steel makes it scratch- and dent-resistant. No matter how many times the pot falls on a hard surface, you have no fear of it breakage because it is not brittle.

The material in these devices do not in any way affect the taste of your meal; you’ll get the exact delicious taste you crave every time. I sometimes suspect that slow cooking devices bring out more flavor than my gas cooker! These devices are specially designed with settings to regulate heat. It can be used to prepare stew, soup, and other amazing recipes.

Attached to each side of this pan is a comfortable lifting handle. Detachability of the stainless-steel pot grants this device extra versatility, as the pot can become a regular kitchen utensil for use on stovetops and gas cookers.


  • Able to be used with gas, stovetops, and electricity because of its detachable pot
  • Highly durable with its stainless-steel pot
  • Comfortably-fitted lifting handle
  • Less energy consumption.


  • No transparent lid so you can’t watch what’s cooking.
  • No side clip for the lid.
  • Light lid
  • No specific programmable setting to an exact needed temperature.

Why should I purchase an American made slow cooker?

Yes, there are other sets of slow cooker you can purchase, but speaking from experience, I would always recommend an American-made slow cooker.

Although it is a popular belief that anything made in America always has a high level of uniqueness in terms of design and overall performance, I am making my judgment based on actual durability and consistent use of this device. This slow cooker is a slow cooker not made in China but the United States.

This American-made device often comes as a set with a detachable pot. This pot can be removed from a controllable compartment. This makes it a gourmet slow cooker made in the USA, as these usually consist of a steel pot and a base that handles the slow cooker functions

Frequent use has made me realize that the detachable pot provides a wide range of applications. This device is designed to cater to human needs by eliminating stressful and time-consuming activities like food monitoring, food burning and manual dishwashing.

Preparation of certain dishes can be very time-consuming.

The time spent trying to get the dish out right and preventing food burning can be prevented by simply acquiring this easy to use kitchen gadget that even removes the need for stirring except in cases where it’s especially necessary.

The distinct qualities of a USA made slow cooker

Most slow cookers you will find are made from many different countries, and listing them all would take months to complete. Each slow cooker has its distinct qualities, but basically, all of these slow cookers run on the electric power supply. Therefore, any power outage automatically signifies a break in the dish preparation process.

The elimination of a possible break in dish preparation as a result of a power outage is one main quality that American made slow cookers possess. You get complete continuity of cooking with these devices. The possibility of a detachable pot from the device set up means that the preparation of the dish can be continued on a stove top or a gas cooker; simply return the pot to the base when the power supply is restored.

There are lots of reasons to acquire these gadgets and some of these qualities include versatility, spill resistance, as well as replaceable and affordable device parts. There are a good number of USA made slow cookers out there in the market waiting to serve your specific needs.

So, take my advice on which devices can help you during your cooking while you take care of all those chores that so urgently need doing.


How well to ensure the durability of the American made slow cookers

These slow cookers do not comprise of clip-tight lids, and so effort must be made to prevent spilled liquid from entering the base. This can be done by ensuring that the cooker is filled to only 2/3 of its volume capacity before cooking.

There are numerous dishes this device can be used to prepare such as soups and other delicious recipes that don’t demand frequent stirring. This device can be used to prepare the main course or even dessert.


Each Slow cooker made in USA comes with a high level of durability; this is not even up for debate. Firsthand use has shown me the unique versatility of these devices and the convenience they bring to any situation.

The USA-made slow cookers consist of a stainless steel pot, and this is one major advantage it has over many other slow cookers. The fact that its stainless steel pot can be used on a stovetop or even gas is a major breakthrough. This means that it can be used even in situations when power outages occur.

Cut down on time consuming chores and burnt food with this portable kitchen gadget. There aren’t many devices with waterless cooking capabilities, either. These are just a few reasons why you should think about ordering a device like these. Make your choice today, and happy cooking!


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