An Honest Review of The Best Twin Gear Juicers

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Ever heard of a triturating juicer? If not, let’s get you up to speed! The first thing to realize juicers is that they go far beyond just squeezing fruit to get a glass of fresh juice from time to time. While juicing itself is a simple concept, there is a lot going on behind the scenes as to how they work and what the specific goal is.

All juicers share the common goal of extracting flavor and nutrients through crushing and squeezing, but not all juicers are created equal. In the world of juicers, there are three main types that each use a specific strategy. These differing strategies have mostly to do with the efficiency and quality of the juice and the speed of the process. The first and least expensive is a centrifugal juicer.

It is the quickest and easiest to clean but does the least efficient job at producing the healthiest and most nutritious juice from your produce. Next is the masticating juicer, which does a much better job of getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables but is not quite top of the line.

For the best and most nutritious juice possible, you must go with a twin-screw juicer. Also referred to as a triturating juicer, this article has a goal of being the perfect twingear juicers review to help you pick the best.

Best Twin Gear Juicer

J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

If you are someone who is just looking into juicing, then this is the perfect starting point.

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Green Power Juicer

If you are an avid juice maker planning to use the tool regularly, this model will get the job done.

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Tribest Greenstar Elite Juicer

If you want to have more control over your juicing results, this appliance is a great choice.

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Super Angel Pro Juicer

This durable tool is an option to consider if you make juice every day for a big family.

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As I mentioned, the best high-end juicers available today are the twin gear juicers. Using a double gear approach, they produce the freshest and healthiest juice you can ever hope to enjoy. The key to dominance for a twin gear juicer lies in the precision spacing and design of the rotating gears, and the speed at which it operates. In comparison to the less efficient centrifugal juicer, the twin gear style is a much slower approach.

This is important to the quality for a couple of reasons. First, the degradation of fresh juice depends largely on the speed at which the elements are broken down. If this process happens too quickly, the excess heat and exposure to oxygen will cause the juice to break down, or spoil, faster.

For juices made with a centrifugal juicer, this degradation happens in just a few hours. By pulverizing the raw ingredients more slowly, twin gear juicers are able to preserve the integrity of the juice. This draws out the time to degradation to as long as 2-3 days.

The next important part is the spacing and shape of the gears used for crushing. In a twin gear masticating juicer, the teeth of the gear are shaped and fit to be a precise distance apart, typically around .1mm. For comparison, this means that the space between the gears is just a little bit larger than the thickness of one average human hair.

This miniscule amount of space allows for the absolute crushing and mulching of the cells of whatever fruit or vegetable is being juiced. For you, it means the maximum amount of juice and hard to get nutrients is being squeezed out into a delicious drink.

If these are the kinds of results you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a selection of our top picks in order to help you navigate the process of picking the best juicer you can.

* Omega J8004 Nutrition Centre

Our first candidate is the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center. If you are someone who is just looking into juicing and note sure how serious you are about it, then this is the perfect starting point. It is a good quality juicer offered at a great price. We found this machine to be exceptionally quiet and well built. It does work slowly, but this is typical to the masticating style of juicer. The slow speed is necessary to avoid the heat and friction that can cause premature degradation to your juice.

The pieces are also built in a way that makes for easy assembly and disassembly. A multitude of inserts and interchangeable pieces allow you to work not only with fruits and vegetables but also with coffee beans, nuts, homemade pasta, and soy. This means all the freshest and nutrient packed juice, milk, butter, baby food, noodles, and much more! For a competitive price, you will be able to explore the many sides of juicing that make it such a versatile craft.

Easy to remove plastic parts means less time spent cleaning up and more time spent enjoying your creations. With minimal sharp corners, nooks, and crevices, all the pieces easily rinse free of sticky residues and pulp left behind by the process.

It even comes with a special brush that can be used to clean the toughest spots, such as the screen and down inside the barrel. They are also easy to throw in with the dishwasher for extra sanitation if you desire.



  • Slow process and must cut harder products into smaller pieces
  • Some of internal pieces are delicate and need to be handled with care
  • Multiple purchasers reported receiving units in which the auger seems to “wobble” and cause the auger to rub on the screen over time

* Green Power Juicer

The Green Power KPE 1304 is our next selection. In terms of cost, it is a little more expensive than the low-end juicers, but still relatively affordable. If you are an avid juice maker and looking for something to stand up to regular use in a variety of ways, then this will get the job done. It also boasts the quietest motor on the market.

In addition to attachments for all the typical juices, butters, and other items, it has included a few more features. An optional package allows for separation of seeds and reduced pulp and foam. On the front of the unit, a pressure knob allows you to make fine tune adjustments based on what you are juicing.

Compared with other double gear juicers, the Green Power does work considerably faster. Another feature to note with this machine is the magnetized and bio ceramic juicing container. With the use of the magnet, it protects the juices from loss of nutrients and oxidation, despite the fact that it spins at 160 rpm.

This allows the juices to be good for up to 72 hours before the effects of degradation have a chance to set in. Considering that the juicers considered to have the highest quality are running at only 80 rpm, this is an impressive feat. For those who value their time above quality, the Green Power is a great way to save time without sacrificing too much in nutritional value.

As an added bonus, the majority of the components consist of recyclable materials. Who says you can’t have professional grade kitchenware and be environmentally responsible?! The easy to use parts are cleaned with the supplied brush in just a matter of minutes.

As a whole, the unit itself is both durable and lightweight. Weighing in at just under 14 lbs., it is easy to maneuver and store in kitchens of virtually any size. If you are like me and have scores of kitchen appliances inhabiting your cupboards, having a small footprint is a big plus!


  • Compact and lightweight design, it is ideal for any size kitchen
  • Quicker than average triturating juicers (160 rpm vs 80 rpm)
  • Made largely of recyclable material
  • Multiple screens suited for different applications


  • Recommended run time of just 25 minutes before cool down is needed
  • High speed can reduce quality of juice compared to slower juicers (but still much better than a centrifugal juicer)
  • Several users described the Green Power as being more difficult to clean than other juicers, in part due to its compact size

* Tribest Greenstar Elite

Next up in our line-up is the Tribest Greenstar Elite. Compared to our first two products, this juicer takes it up a notch, and without a significantly higher cost. When you look at the Greenstar juicing gears, there is noticeable differences that suggest that there is a lot of thought put into this product.

In addition to the typical splines and gear teeth seen with other juicers, these gears also have specially designed pockets and recesses. Engineered to imitate the cutting and crushing action of human teeth, this unit boasts of a complete mastication system that rises above other products. This proves to be especially helpful on tougher and more fibrous produce like carrots or celery.

In another marker of superior engineering, the Greenstar juicing gears have magnetic and bio ceramic materials embedded in their core. Similar to the effect of the magnetic and bio ceramic container that comes with the Green Power juicer, these materials work together to organize the nutrients as they are crushed. This in turn allows for the juice to be refrigerated for up to 3 days with almost no change to the nutritional value.

In terms of speed, this Greenstar Elite falls somewhere in the middle. At 110 rpm, it is not as quick as the fastest twin gear juicers. However, we feel it strikes a good balance between satisfactory speed and superior quality of juice. To give you more control over your juicing results, it also has a way to adjust pressure on the fly.

This means that while you are still juicing, the pressure can be changed to handle whatever is coming down the pipe next! The ability to adjust the pressure can speed up your process if you are juicing a variety of items and want to avoid the downtime usually required in between differing product.


  • Still relatively affordable, especially considering everything you get
  • Best quality juice at this price point
  • 3-stage mastication handles anything you feed through it
  • Powerful, yet quiet motor
  • Ability to adjust pressure while the machine is still running
  • Interchangeable screens to help control amount of pulp
  • Variety of versatile accessories available, from breadsticks and rice cakes to pasta and soft fruit


  • As with other twin gear juicers, tougher produce requires being cut into small chunks
  • Multiple purchasers have described difficulty with cleaning, especially finer screens
  • A couple of units experienced loss of plating on the gear teeth

* Super Angel Pro Juicer

For our last featured twin gear masticating juicer, get ready to open up your pocketbooks! While there are several reasons this Super Angel Pro takes a top spot for quality, it definitely comes at a price. At more than twice the cost of our other included juicers, it really is for the most hard-core of the juicing hierarchy.

Unless you are part of this elite group, you may end up being disappointed by this juicer, based solely on the expensive price.

However, the high price does not exist “just because.”

The premium price tag is due to the Super Angel Pro taking a “next level” approach to juicing that earns it the honor of being named the “Rolls Royce” of juicers.

To start it off, the Super Angel Pro construction consists of high-grade stainless steel. This is quite a step up from the many competitors using entirely or partially plastic components. The result is a tough and durable ensemble that is much less likely to suffer from premature wear or damage.

When it comes to serious juicers who use the unit daily or more, this is very important.

In conditions where lesser juicers would need replacement parts, the Super Angel Pro can stand the test of time. Another clear advantage of stainless steel is the elimination of certain risks. In any system utilizing plastic components, and even some lower quality metal components, there is a chance of “flaking.”

That is to say that during use, as the components wear, small particulates of the material could make it into your product. While it is typically too small of an amount to make a noticeable difference in taste or texture, it is never good to consume materials that aren’t meant to be eaten.

If the all stainless steel and durable construction didn’t do it for you, hold on. The Pro consists of a number of impressive and intuitive upgrades compared to its predecessors. Included are several safety features that really do add to the overall experience of using this juicer.

For starters, the system can automatically detect a jam and self-adjust accordingly. If it feels too much strain on the motor, it intuitively switches into reverse in order to self-correct. Lastly, there are thermal sensor incorporated into a cooling system that can recognize and prevent overheating of the unit. The result is a great system that can respond correctly to all of the most common issues that come along with juicing.


  • Extremely durable, all stainless-steel parts
  • Highest yield of juice of any product on the market
  • Slow speed of 82 rpm results in the juice of the utmost quality
  • Auto detection and response to jamming
  • Auto detection and response to overheating
  • Strong 3 hp motor to handle the toughest jobs


  • Very expensively priced
  • All stainless-steel construction makes for a much heavier and clunkier machine
  • Some purchasers were disappointed with the customer service and warranty
  • Relatively subtle differences may disappoint amateur juice makers


At the end of the day, it will be up to you to know what level of juicer you require for your lifestyle. If you are simply toying with the idea of juicing to explore a healthier lifestyle, settle for the less expensive “entry level” juicers. For a couple hundred dollars, you can find out if juicing will become a lifelong activity.

Got a little bit more drive and need a reliable and quality result? The mid-range juicers can provide that for you. For a reasonable investment, this middle of the road juicers can pump out the product and meet your needs. But, if you are only able to settle for the latest and best, then go ahead and splurge!

For the most enthusiastic juice makers, even small differences can mean a lot. And when it comes to your health and well-being, sometimes a “no expense spared” attitude is warranted. With the added safety features, those who plan to use the juicer for extended periods of time will definitely reap the benefits.

No matter what your situation, we hope this Twingear Juicers Review can guide you on the next step in your journey. Until next time, we wish you smart spending and happy juicing!

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