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Professional grade quality for home use

If you love making ice cream and desserts, then you would understand how important it is to have a waffle maker in your kitchen and nothing can make a waffle half as good as a commercial waffle maker can.

Whether you run a busy kitchen or a house full of Eggo-loving youngsters, you know there’s nothing that can really beat a good, perfectly cooked waffle. Especially not the little frozen ones you dunk into the toaster. You need something easy, heavy-duty; you need something that’s going make great waffles consistently and last a long time doing it.

You need the perfect commercial waffle maker! But where to get one? Where to start looking? Luckily, we’ve done that for you, so you can safely put your waffle making troubles to rest.

We did some research and checked out several Belgian waffle maker reviews whilst looking for good quality, high-end waffle maker, and one product that caught our eye was the Waring Double Waffle Maker. Let’s have a look at this in a bit more detail.

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About the Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker

waffle iron, breakfast makerThe quality of a waffle is directly impacted by the waffle maker that you use. If you choose a cheaper version, you might have to struggle with poor temperature control, sticky surfaces, and other problems. However, this Belgian waffle maker from Waring takes all the pain out of making waffles.

It is a heavy-duty, double side-by-side waffle maker that is appropriate for domestic and commercial use. It features rotary heating that allows for even heating and browning, so you get perfect waffles with even texture every time. The cooking plates of this waffle maker have three layers of non-stick coating, so there is no waffle wrestling required.

The Waring pro waffle maker boasts of even heat distribution and precise temperature control. This is possible because the heating elements are embedded within the plates. Making waffles with this kitchen appliance is extremely easy and it even has an audio beep signal and “ready “LED indicators.

There shouldn’t be any guesswork in trying to decide if your waffle iron is hot enough to start cooking or wondering if your waffle is ready to return back to the world a complete perfect breakfast specimen.

The Waring pro double waffle maker also comes with independent temperature control, and independent “power on” and “ready” indicators.

Most importantly, it does what it says it is going to do. There’s no waffle mix oozing out of the seal once you flip the iron over; that is if you didn’t overfill it. There is no mess, no struggling, no wondering, if you’re waffle, is done all the way on the inside, and no opening your waffle iron to realize one side of it is three shades darker than the other.

It’s also relatively safe and easy to use. A waffle iron like this is great for families or can be a staple in something like a college cafeteria. Waffles are brain food, after all!

Who should buy it?

The answer to this is easy: anyone who wants waffles that are one inch thick and anyone who wants them in the blink of an eye.

pancake iron, pancake machineThe Waring Commercial Waffle Maker is perfect for domestic and commercial use. Whether you are an enthusiastic home cook or an expert pastry chef, this waffle maker will take care of all your waffle needs.

And maybe even your other needs. There are plenty of “Waffle Iron Recipes” on the internet that is going to waste because the great innovation of the waffle iron is being underestimated. Dessert waffles, breakfast waffles, waffle iron quesadillas, potato waffles (similar to potato pancakes, but better, of course), and even waffled omelets.

Although be sure to get used to your equipment before experimenting with it. It was made specifically for waffle batter, after all, not cheese and scrambled eggs.

Still, the only limit is your own waffle creativity. With a commercial waffle iron like this, you shouldn’t have any problem with keeping calm and waffling on.

The LED indicator and the automatic ready beep tell when your waffles are done and the fact that it is a double side by side waffle maker, means you can dish out waffles goodness at godspeed. It’s a perfect gift for fathers or anyone who is a waffle maniac.

A lot of waffle makers come in wide square designs that make use of horizontal space, but when you’re busy and trying to be as efficient as possible, you need a machine that is going flip quickly and takes up as little counter space as possible. The Waring waffle maker is narrow and has a vertical design. It’s easy to flip your waffles, pop them out, and then start new ones, all without cluttering up your valuable kitchen space.

The Waring Belgian waffle maker is compact and efficient, which makes it perfect for food trucks, small cafes, or even events like potlucks and soup kitchens. It’s especially helpful in cramped and fast-paced places like cozy breakfast diners or at a hotel’s continental breakfast set up.

If you’ve ever been to a hotel’s continental breakfast, you know there’s always a line at the waffle maker.

Features and Benefits

tasty breakfast, easy breakfastThe Waring Commercial Waffle Maker is a feature-rich kitchen appliance that helps you make perfect waffles in a simple and convenient manner. The most important feature of this heavy duty, double side by side waffle maker is its rotary feature that ensures even browning and baking.

The plates come with triple non stick coating so that you can easily remove waffles. The non-stick surface of the plates is extremely easy to clean. The heating elements of the waring commercial waffle maker are embedded into the plates, and this allows for even heat distribution and precise temperature control. All you get are golden brown waffles, cooked to perfection.

The LED indicators tell you when the waffle maker is ready to cook, and when the waffles are ready. The housing is made of die-cast metal, which is easy to clean. The drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Clean up is a breeze.

It even comes with a measuring cup! Pro-tip: stick with the measuring cup. If you overfill your waffle iron, you’re in for a world of mess. So, say many wise waffle creators in their reviews.

The Waring WWD200 non-stick double waffle maker can take your waffle output to about 50 waffles an hour, if you’re feeling competitive. Comparatively, the single waring waffle maker can make about 35 waffles an hour.

The single maker has all the same features, it just makes fewer waffles. It also doesn’t cost as much. So, if you don’t need 50 waffles an hour you can save several large pennies by downsizing.

But even if you don’t need 50 waffles an hour, don’t you want them? If you said no, you’re lying.

mini pancake machine, one minute pancake machineWhat are the limitations?

The only downside to this commercial quality waffle maker is that it is a serious piece of equipment and also comes with a serious price tag.

Some reviews mention that the nonstick Teflon coating wears away during constant commercial waffle making. After speaking to Waring about this problem, the company said that they’re working on replacing ironing plates for their makers, so this problem should be easily remedied in the future.

Other than these couple of minor issues, Waring waffle makers have been consistently featured multiple waffle iron reviews online, continuously ranking in the top five among the other waffle irons and brands on these lists. You can look them up for yourself!

Bottom line

The Waring waffle maker can dish out waffles that are golden brown and crispy on the outside but are fluffy and soft within. It heats up quickly and cooks just as fast for individuals as well as crowds. It’s a bit pricey, but you do get what you pay for.

Multiple reviews have claimed that they’ve owned Waring models for well over a decade before having to replace their old waffle makers for an updated version, and they expect their new ones to last just as long with the right maintenance.

What is the right maintenance? One customer said he spoke to Waring customer service because he had a couple of questions about his waffle maker. The representative he spoke to told him that it is best to use nonstick cooking oil on the griddles so that the Teflon doesn’t have to work as hard.

That said, be gentle when you’re cleaning it. Handle it with care, as with all kitchen appliances. Treat your machine nice and it should treat you well too!

Considering all the amazing features, and positive Belgian waffle maker reviews that it has earned online, we can safely recommend the waring commercial waffle maker to anyone who is into waffles. Enough waffling on, this awesome machine is currently available on Amazon at a great price. Grab it now.


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