Be it a smooth strawberry milkshake, delicious fruit smoothie, or a smooth butternut soup, the Wolf Gourmet blender will prepare what you desire. Extraordinarily high performance, convenient speed control and an exclusive design for noiseless blending are just some of the features that will make your blending experience a pleasure.

The features that distinguish Wolf blender from other blenders on the market are the advanced technology and multiple blending modes which are designed to save you precious time.

However, before selecting an appropriate blender for our kitchen, it is necessary to know requirements and blending needs. Someone’s needs might not be compatible with another’s. Hence, this Wolf Blender Review aims to elaborate on the features of Wolf Gourmet Blender in hopes of giving you a detailed account of its various characteristics.

The review will include technical specifications, functionality, benefits, recommendations as well as discussion of how compatible it might be with your personal preferences.

But before starting with the review, let us have a brief introduction about the Wolf company which is the producer of the Wolf Gourmet blender.

About the Wolf Gourmet

Wolf Gourmet Blender is a product of a renowned kitchen appliance brand – Wolf Gourmet. With its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, Wolf Gourmet was established by the world-famous Sub-Zero Wolf in 2015. The quality of manufacturing in appliances including Wolf countertop oven, their two and four slice toaster, a line of ranges and of course the Wolf Gourmet Blender has been consistently maintained.

The construction of Wolf ranges is such that they can last up to 20 years of continuous use. To ensure a quality product, ranges are verified under simulated heavy use.

The High-Performance Wolf Blender

Wolf WGBL 110S

Choose this model for an even and smooth texture of your blended goods.

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Wolf WGBL 120S

Choose this model if you need an easy to use one-touch operation blender.

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Wolf WGBL 100S

Choose this model if you're looking for durable blender to last for ages.

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Continuing the legacy of the Wolf products, Wolf Gourmet Blender is a high performance yet convenient solution. With its revolutionary techniques, it has brought a new dimension to the range of high-end blenders.

Typical blenders may function fine at first, but many are incapable of handling high-power processing on a variety of food materials.  Some parts may wear down or burn out, and others may be hard to disassemble and clean. Since Wolf Gourmet provides a 5-year warranty with the blender, as it does for all its products, it gives us peace of mind to put the blender to heavy use in the kitchen without worrying about wear and tear.

Carrying the signature red knob of the Wolf brand, the high-performance blender is very powerful and substantial looking. The stainless-steel and die-cast body give a professional and high-end appeal. The size is also quite adequate to fit under most kitchen cabinets.

With extraordinary strength and stress- free controls via LCD timer, it is easy to prepare frozen cocktails, creamy squash soup, and smoothies. It is a perfect choice for people who love to make smoothies, nut butter, sauces, milkshakes, batters, or drinks. Not to mention soups. Besides fulfilling the expectations of a regular blender, its add-on technology and advanced functions help it to eliminate other kitchen appliances once and for all.

The pre-set settings and controls broaden the scope of food preparation and save time. The blender indeed provides a higher nutritional value than the store-bought products themselves. Due to its capability of extracting healthful nutrients, it can undoubtedly work wonders. The drinks and edibles created by Wolf blender are definitely different and unique in look and texture. Smoothies, for instance, stay fresher and healthier for a longer amount of time.

The available models are WOLF WGBL 120S, WOLF WGBL 110S, and WOLF WGBL 100S with red knob (Wolf brand’s signature knob) and black and stainless-steel knob which both give it a classy and professional look.

>> Wolf WGBL 110S <<





Item Dimensions

10.63 x 8.19 x 15.75 in

8 x 6 x 17 in

9 x 7.4 x 17.5 in

Item Weight

9.51 lbs

7.6 lbs

15 lbs

>> Wolf WGBL 120S <<





Light Red

Item Dimensions

10.63 x 8.19 x 15.75 in

15.7 x 5 x 5.5 in

9.13 x 8.98 x 20.2 in

Item Weight

9.51 lbs

14 lbs

>> Wolf WGBL 100S <<






Item Dimensions

9 x 7.4 x 17.5 in

10.63 x 8.19 x 15.75 in

5.5 x 18 x 16 in

8.7 x 17.32 x 7.6 in

Item Weight

15 lbs

9.51 lbs

9 lbs

10.74 lbs

Detailed specifications and features of the Wolf Gourmet blenders


  • Manufacturer: Wolf Gourmet
  • Model: Red-WGBL100S, Black-WGBL110S, Stainless Steel-WGBL120S
  • Comprises: Blender, Tritan carafe, emulsion cup, tamper, lid, Use & Care guide
  • Material: Tritan copolyester, die-cast aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, BPA-free plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.25″ x 9″ x 17.5″”
  • Capacity: 64 oz.
  • Weight: 17.3 lb.
  • Watts: 1545
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Made in China


The Wolf Gourmet blender delivers an effective blend of power, performance, and steadiness. It also offers a variety of speeds for blending specific food items according to your requirements.


  • The Wolf Gourmet blender features a 2.4 peak performing motor driving blades that produce over 210 motions. Accurate blending with even and smooth texture is ensured via dual settings.
  • The rotating force aids in keeping the blender’s temperature cool. It further enhances the appliance’s capability to generate consistent and balanced power while processing.

Robust Design

  • The motor accommodates a strong, all-metal drive and controls an extraordinary array of stainless-steel blades which can speed up to 210 mph for efficient results.
  • Wolf blender technology also uses a unique multi-colored brushed stainless-steel control knob.
  • Stainless steel and die-cast construction contribute to a smooth and contemporary design with high durability.
  • The secured and tight-fitting cap prevents spillage while operating at higher speeds.
  • The blades are sturdy and ultra-strong and thus need no sharpening. They maintain steady action throughout the life-span of the blender.


  • The advanced LCD control panel keeps us updated on the blending process by displaying selected speed, program settings and blending time.
  • The presence of 4 appropriate, pre-programmed settings allows us to set the desired speed for smooth blending, mixing and grinding.
  • The one-touch operation method allows us to attain quick and steady results every time.
  • The built-in timer functions with both pre-set modes and manually.
  • The pulsing action is well-suited for most standard blending speeds ranging from low to high.

Diverse Ranges

  • Comes with four pre-set modes to deliver a convenient and quality solution, which includes Smoothie, Purée, Ice Crush, and Soup.
  • With the variable speed dial, it is easier to blend ingredients according to your requirements.
  • Pulse function allows manual control of speed ranging from highest to lowest.


  • The Wolf Gourmet Blender reduces the manual labor required for food preparation.
  • We can do quick chopping, pureeing, whipping, emulsifying and grinding.
  • The 64 ounce, ultra-sized, and shatter-proof jar is also BPA free.
  • The blender provides a specialized touch to most kitchen tasks and is appropriate for both professional chefs and homeowners.

Add-On Technologies

  • The Wolf Gourmet Blender comes with a tamper that fits into the cover to break thick or frozen liquids.
  • Advanced airflow management helps in reducing motor noise.
  • Air-tight lid features an emulsion dosing cup to allow the addition of ingredients while blending to ensure quality mayonnaise, dressings, and marinades.
  • Besides being BPS-free and shatterproof, the Tritan blending carafe is notched with measurement markings to make the measuring process more convenient.


  • The Wolf blender offers constantly high performance in the range of kitchen functions.
  • Can blend batters for muffins, bread, pancakes, and waffles. It also consists of a separate smoothie setting.
  • It has features to make smoothies, make instant soup, chop vegetables, and puree, as well as mix sauces, shakes, cocktails, and beverages and also crush ice.
  • The blender is also efficient in grinding nuts and seeds for making butter and spreads.


  • The Wolf Gourmet blender is convenient to set up and use. It is easy to clean up via its self-cleaning feature.
  • Its moderate size makes it easy to store and does not require a lot of space to function.
  • The blender does not tremble and stays steady while blending.
  • The robust and fast-acting features help in reducing prep time in the kitchen yet with reliable quality.

Pre-Set Modes

The Wolf Gourmet Blender comes with 4 pre-set modes including Smoothie, Ice Crush, Purée, and Soup. Here is detailed information about the functioning and processing time of each mode.

  • Smoothie – A mode intended for blending either fresh or frozen smoothies. This automatic function starts by pulsing 5 times to crush ice and portions of fruit or vegetables and then rising up to HI for 45 seconds.
  • Ice Crush – This stimulating feature alternates between LO and MEDIUM in a series of pulses for 1 minute to crush ice into slush.
  • Puree – This mode is designed to grind ingredients into a fine powder or creamy liquid. Besides making purees, this feature also grinds flour and powders sugar. This program works for 1 minute. Starting from Lo speed, it goes up to HI speed gradually.
  • Soup – The Soup mode works for around 5 minutes and 45 seconds. It begins with cold or room temperature ingredients and then starts to puree and heat them over the course of the blending process to just below boiling. It provides a hot soup from whatever ingredients thrown in.

You can of course always use the manual mode.

You can select blender speed according to your requirements by moving the dial from LO, or 1, to 10, or HI.

Besides these pre-set modes, Wolf Gourmet blender is fully equipped for making different types of salad dressing and other fruit mixers. This blender is an appropriate appliance for chopping or for making some of the best food products around. Exotic fare you’ve eaten at the market and have always aspired to make at home.

You may also prepare mixes to be used for other dishes. Smooth and soft dough and batters can also be easily prepared for pancakes, cookies or other food items.

Besides grinding soft food items like oats, Wolf blender can easily grind through seeds and other hard items to produce a consistent powder. Coffee beans can be easily grinded to acquire the best coffee powder with even consistency. Milling the flour to get a required consistency is also made easy with the help of this blender.

Personal Preference

Our lifestyle choices and the ways in which we use a blender inform our preference for an apt high-performance blender. Some of the factors included in this decision are:

  • Design and construction
  • Level of power
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Health benefits
  • Price
  • Warranty period

Let us find out the ways in which Wolf Gourmet Blender accommodates these factors:

  1. Usability: The Wolf Gourmet Blender is easy to clean and requires no disassembling for washing purposes. It can be cleaned by using warm water and 2-3 drops of dishwashing soap and operating the blender for 1 min on HI speed.
  1. Savings: According to the data, preparing meals from raw material saves more time and money over market bought edibles. Further, since the blender comes with 4 pre-set modes, it reduces the cost of buying additional kitchen appliances to fulfill recipe requirements. You can eliminate buying mixers, grinders, food processors or mills. This high-performance blender will help save you time by eliminating some of the manual steps in food preparation including grinding, chopping, and mincing.
  1. Durability: Along with the blender being multi-functional, it is important to ensure that it is durable. Wolf blender guarantees consistently high performance even under high pressure. High-tech engineering, a robust nature, sturdy stainless-steel construction, and cooling technology ensure reliable, high-quality and hygienic results.
  1. Multipurpose: The Wolf Gourmet Blender provides the ability to prepare a wide range of food items including nut and seed butter, beverages, shakes and smoothies, spreads, purees, bread dough, and batters.
  1. Environmental Considerations: The use of Wolf blender will help you reduce dependence on market-brought, disposable plastic containers. It also lessens the waste footprint compared to other blenders that take numerous years to decompose.
  1. Warranty: For long-lasting performance and consistency, the Wolf blender offers a guarantee of up to 5 years. The blender is a substantial and significant long-term investment. It will reduce the headache of replacing defective parts or changing the equipment frequently.

Pros & Cons of The Wolf Blender


  • Exceptional at grinding coffee beans and pureeing soup
  • Versatile, extremely functional and robust.
  • This high-grade blender is easy to operate and control
  • Excellent at preparing smoothies
  • Features automatic as well as the manual pulse for customized settings
  • No need for blade assembly
  • The jar comes with a handle and is convenient to place on the base
  • Volume measurements are made easy to read with bold markings
  • The lid is simple to put on and pull off
  • Resists stains from sauces


  • Very loud
  • Not dishwasher safe and blade cannot be removed for cleaning


Wipe the blender using a clean and damp cloth.

  • In order to clean the blending carafe, fill half of the container with water and add 2-3 drops of dishwashing soap, then run the blender on HI for 30 seconds and rinse.
  • Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended.

Additional Details & Recommendations

  • The Wolf Blender comes with a built-in overload protection feature which prevents it from overheating. The blender turns off automatically if it detects its motor getting too hot. In such circumstances, unplug the blender and let it cool for around 15 minutes.
  • The three models of the Wolf Gourmet Blender come with a change in the color of the blender knobs. The WGBL100S features a Red knob, the signature of the Wolf brand, the WGBL110S has a Black knob and the WGBL120S contains a Stainless-Steel knob.
  • The tamper of the blender helps in pushing leafy food and other difficult to submerge food down the blender blades.
  • The Wolf Gourmet Blender covers a space of 20.25 inches including the clearance. Since it uses a lot of stainless steel to make itself so solid, it weighs 15.9 pounds.

It comes with a standard 5-year warranty. Since there are no extended warranties for longer time spans, you don’t need to purchase an extended warranty.


According to our Wolf Blender review, it is a powerful solution to all your blending, grinding and mincing needs. It will help you to prepare a variety of the tasty treats in your wishlist for social gatherings as well as regular use. You can always rely on the blender for preparing cocktails or smoothies to please your guests and family.

This blender has proven to produce consistently high results and brilliant versatility. It is no-doubt user-friendly and convenient to use. Further, it saves time and money by eradicating manual steps for food preparation and dependence on other kitchen appliances. However, the blender costs much more than other blenders on the market.

It would not be overboard for me to say that the technology used here reinvents the blending experience. Its simple and versatile nature has helped it to acquire a place in every health-conscious and taste-loving foodie’s heart. No matter what you wish to eat or drink, this blender is designed to make your kitchen experience a lot easier and convenient.


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