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Contemporary Cuisine in North America – The 80’s & 90’s

Written by Anne Berry on . Posted in food

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The 1980s saw an increase in ethnic restaurants in North America. Changes in immigration patterns due to political upheavals throughout the world resulted in new arrivals from Iran, the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, the former Soviet Union, Hong Kong and other areas of Asia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Many of these immigrants started restaurants, first for their fellow ex-patriots and then for the broader population.

The Globalization of Mexican Food

Written by Anne Berry on . Posted in food

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In the Book Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Carts Jeffrey Pilcher’s chapter (Eating Mexican in a Global Age: The Politics and Production of Ethnic Food) presents a case study on the evolution of Mexican food from its regional origins to its arrival in the United States and finally its acceptance on the world culinary stage.  He frames his discussion by asking the critical question: