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Musk Sticks Recipe: Smells Good and Tastes Good

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

Musk sticks candy is a sweet smelling confection that would get your taste buds wanting more, especially your kids who would be all over you screaming for more musk stick and loving you more too. However, you might really do yourself some good in remembering the kids and sugar cause and effect rule, for fear that your home start looking like a wreck – you won’t love a clean up session.

How Melbourne Found Its Drinking Groove

Written by Caroline Evans on . Posted in drink

“Tell me what you drink, and I shall tell you who you are”

I moved to Melbourne in 1999.  Working as a lawyer in the city I had plenty of time to drink in the myriad of small bars that wove through the urban landscape – they were a respite from work, a lounge room in the city to meet friends, a safe place where you could sit to relax.

I assumed that that was the way the city had always been – bars, along with food and the coffee scene, defining inner Melbourne for me.  It was very different from the city I had grown up in – Canberra – and even from Sydney, where I had just moved from, where the bars were bigger, less personal, flashier.  But this wasn’t the case.  Melbourne, on the bar front, is actually a babe in the woods, albeit a pretty good-looking one that’s grown up very, very fast.