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Morello Cherries: How To Use Sour Cherries In The Kitchen

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

Fruits are pretty complicated. People have been cultivating various strains of our favorite fruits for thousands of years, meaning that we’ve got lots of exciting culinary options to choose from. Exciting doesn’t always mean accessible, however. If you’ve ever bought a granny smith apple to enjoy raw, for example, you almost certainly know that there’s a world of difference between different strains of the same fruit. Morello cherries are another great example of a delicious fruit that’s different than other members of the cherry family.

Ciroc Cupcake Recipe – How to Use Ciroc For Baking With Recipe Examples

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Cîroc – just the name itself with it’s weirdly accented “i” is enough to clue you in that Ciroc is not your average store-brand vodka. Since it was introduced in 2002, Ciroc has positioned itself to be a direct alternative to other brands of vodka, primarily due to the fact that it is made out of grapes instead of wheat (that traditional vodka is made out of). 

Easy Sangak Bread Recipe For Home Cooks

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The nan-e sangak (or simply, sangak) is a very unique and exquisite bread. Its look draws wonder from those who are fortunate enough to behold it: the bread is usually sold in very large and very long sheets (so humungous in fact, that you can cover a small coffee table with it), and its surface is roughly pockmarked with small, distinctive indents. 

Our Ultimate Sugar Free Caramel Recipe

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Sugar is my own worst enemy. I love it but i’ve been trying to cut down my intake lately. Every week, I allow myself a day off the sweet stuff but sometimes you get that craving that wont go away.

So I threw down the sugary gauntlet and accepted the task – to make the ultimate sugar free caramel recipe.