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Margarittaville Drink Mixer

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Small Appliances

margarittaville drink mixer, margarittaville drink maker, cocktail mixer

Review 2020 – Let the party begin

Sometimes the life of the party can be found at the bar, or behind it. In fact making your own drinks is often just as much fun as drinking them.

Nothing starts a party like a round of blended cocktails, they perk everyone up a bit and in summer are awesomely refreshing, but then you have the problem of what to make and if you have a number of guests, coordinating drinks with only one blender can be a hassle or even a disaster to say the least.

Along comes the Margaritaville Tahiti DM3000 to save the day. Let’s have a look at this superb invention and why we should all kneel before it.

Great Northern Popcorn Machine Review- Retro Style, Modern Technology

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Major Appliances

great northern popcorn machine, retro popcorn machine, retro popcorn maker

For those who love the charm of the old world – the carnivals, movie theatres, or ball games, would never be able to forget those old style popcorn machines. The popcorn from those bad boys tasted so good; that taste can never be replicated with that nasty microwave popcorn you get today.

The aroma of popcorn filled the atmosphere, and left people salivating. What if we tell you that one of those antique popcorn machines can be yours and at a reasonable price too? You wouldn’t believe us, right? Check out the great northern popcorn maker online and you will definitely be reminded of the good old days.

3 Best Muddlers: Make Better Muddled Drink Recipes

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Bar Tools & Glasses

best muddlers, cocktail muddler, what is a muddler

Last Updated March 2020 – A muddler is an essential bar or kitchen tool to make cocktails or mocktails. When incorporating fresh fruits or herbs in our drinks, we should keep the texture harsh and visible enough for aesthetic purposes, yet squashed enough to allow them to mix with the drinks.  That is where the muddler comes in, and it is an essential tool when you are making famous cocktails like Old-Fashioned and Mojito.

Omega VRT350 HD Review

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Blenders & Juicers

omega vrt350 hd, omega juicer extractor, how to use omega juicer

A High performing appliance for those serious about juicing

 Yes, you heard us right. This appliance is for those who are serious about juicing. If your idea of juicing is making a glass of apple juice occasionally, then you can go for the simpler and cheaper juicers available on the market.

Danby Beer Keg Cooler – An Awesome Beer Drinking Experience

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Beer & Wine

danby beer keg cooler, danby beer keg cooler dkc645bls, bar keg cooler

A review of the Danby DKC5811BSL

Last Updated Jan 2020 – Watching movies and sports matches become even more pleasurable with a mug of chilled beer. You can stock up your refrigerator with the choicest of beer, and enjoy it with your family and friends. But what if you have 15-20 guests joining you to watch a game or a movie? Your poor little refrigerator would not be of much help.

The Enigma that is the Barista

Written by Adam Metelmann on . Posted in drink

how to become barista, courses for barista, hiring for barista

The ‘Barista’, (from the Italian for ‘bartender) is a person, usually a coffee house employee who prepares and serves coffee based drinks.In addition to this above description, it should also be noted that the term ‘Barista’ is also one of the most overused and underestimated job titles known to man.

The View From My Cup

Written by Adam Metelmann on . Posted in drink

coffee, coffee drinks, barista

“What are you going to do, as a real job I mean?”

Many years ago, this question was asked to me by a casual staff member at a café that we both worked at. I was so shocked by what they had asked that I had no immediate answer.