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Berndes Cookware Reviews: Non-Stick That Really Lasts?

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Cookware

Berndes is a bit of an anomaly in the cookware industry. They’re one of the few brands that is up-front about the limitations of their pans. While other companies market their pans on incredible longevity, Berndes is simply honest about their coatings. They suggest that their ceramic pans might appear to be incredibly non-stick, but that using oil will be necessary at the beginning of a pan’s lifetime to help the cookware last longer.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews: How Does Swiss Diamond Really Hold Up?

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Cookware

Swiss Diamond‘s marketing team is excellent. For years, consumers like you and me have associated the brand name with durable, safe non-stick that’s “nearly indestructible.” While they’ve shied away from that particular term in more recent years, their current marketing still touts the incredible longevity and toughness of their non-stick pots and pans. Their diamond-infused coating lasts for many, many times as long as leading competitors, at least if you trust the graphs on their website.

Traeger Renegade Elite Reviews: How Traeger Smokes The Competition

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in BBQ & Outdoor

Can a backyard smoker really change the way you approach meats forever? The Traeger Renegade grill makes that claim. According to Traeger, once you use a pellet smoker, you’ll never look at charcoal or barbecue the same way. This certainly sounds far-fetched, but it’s not entirely inaccurate. With a good quality pellet grill at your disposal, you’ll probably think twice before you revert to using less flavorful cooking methods for meat, fish, and vegetables.