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What is Japanese Sake? The Japanese Rice Wine

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in drink

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Sake is a Japaese alcoholic drink made from rice – it is brewed similar to, but not the same as beer and it should be drunk young, as it does not age like wine. Contrary to popular belief most of the sake in Japan is drunk cold.

Warm sake is drunk usually only in winter and only certain types of sake should be heated. Sake goes well with many cuisines but naturally it is best with fish. (Gauntner 2002)

Awesome Rice Wine Substitutes

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

We know that rice wine is a very important constituent in Chinese and generally Asian cuisine, but what happens when you don’t have rice wine?  Where and how can you get a good substitute for rice wine? It’s always good to have the knowledge of rice wine substitutes as it may come in handy in times you do not expect.