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Kung Pao Beef: How To Make Delicious Chinese Food At Home

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In my parent’s house, Chinese food is virtually synonymous with “leftovers.” My family has a habit of ordering far too much takeout and storing it in the fridge for days in little paper boxes. They respect Chinese food, viewing it as delicious the first time around, but for them, ordering Chinese is as much about convenience as it is taste. They love the fact that they can enjoy three, four, or even five meals by ordering a single one by putting kung pow beef over rice or reheating chow mein.

Bonito Sushi: A Seasonal Treat 

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Sushi is a dish that I hesitated to try for a long time because it contained raw fish, but then I came to realize that not all sushi is made with raw fish. As I began to broaden my horizons and experience this Japanese treat, I began branching out and trying new types of sushi. One of my favorite types of sushi to eat is bonito sushi

Kampyo: Japanese Dried Gourd Strips

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Sushi is a pretty hot topic in America these days. While it’s easier than ever to find a high-quality sushi joint near your home, it’s not necessarily easy to pick up the traditional ingredients you need to make sushi yourself. Kampyo is one of these hard-to-find sushi fillings that’s often talked about in traditional recipes for futomaki sushi.

Torisashi – One of Japan’s Most Unique Culinary Experiences

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When you’re ready to try some of the most exotic foods on the planet, there’s no substitute for nihon ryori, also known as Japanese cuisine. Everyone’s familiar with old staples like fugu fish, traditional sushi, and natto, but have you ever thought to try torisashi? As a person that loves Japanese cooking and who has studied the language and the culture for years, until recently, I had never tried this uniquely Japanese dish, but now that I have, I realize that I didn’t know what I was missing.

Beef Suet: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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What Is Beef Suet?

In order to define suet, you have to first understand the anatomy of a cow. Different parts of the cow have different types of fat. This includes somewhat hard fats (like the fat you might find on a steak) that might not melt completely at high heat and less solid fats like suet. Suet is specifically found around joints and near kidneys. It’s got a very low melting point, meaning liquid suet doesn’t have to be particularly hot. Instead, it can be as cold as 113 F.

Kasoori Methi: A Complete Guide To Fenugreek

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While all types of curries are delicious, there will always be a special place in my heart for authentic Indian dishes made with real spices. There’s something about toasted cardamom, chiles, and ginger that goes really, really well with the other ingredients you find in curry. My favorite recipes use carefully crafted spice blends with just the right kind of garam masala to get the perfect flavor. In other words, there’s no substitute for real kasoori methi.