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King crab vs Snow crab

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

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If you’ve never tasted crab or you’re just unsure about the difference between King crab vs snow crab, then you have come to the right place. There is a world of difference between these two species of crab. I’ve discovered that each has its own unique flavor and texture. 

Tunacious Tuna Salad – 3 Fresh Tuna Salad Recipes

Written by Sean Jewett on . Posted in food

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Tuna salad is a relatively new invention. With the wide availability of canned tuna, cooks found a new medium to play with. Early twentieth century recipes for chicken and turkey salads offer tuna as a replacement for these poultry based salads. This makes sense as tuna was quickly becoming a grocery store staple and was becoming cheaper and cheaper. 

Hobart Moules Mariniere Recipe

Written by Paris Hollywood on . Posted in food

moules mariniere recipe, blue mussel recipe, tasmanian mussels

I believe at heart we’re all cavemen. Or cavewomen.

We’re driven much of the time by our unconscious desire to hunt, gather and reproduce. And once I’ve collected the chook eggs and cornered my wife in the bedroom the only thing left is to hunt an unsuspecting animal and feed it to my family.