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Europe’s Seafood Contribution: Branzino

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

Called the “wolf of the sea” in many European locations, the branzino fish is one of the seafood staples of the continent. So, what is branzino? While branzino is just the Italian variation of the fish’s name, I find myself calling it by this Italian nomenclature because “Mediterranean sea bass” lacks a bit of the allure, and this special fish fits such a grand-sounding name.

Making Your Spicy Yellowtail Rolls

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Yellowtail sushi roll is a delicious preparation that incorporates a special fish found near Japan. Often misnamed “yellow tuna” or “yellowtail tuna” the fish used in this delicacy is actually Seriola quinqueradiata or amberjack. It is found in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii. It is sometimes caught in the open ocean but is also farmed. The farms are located both in coastal areas and in deep sea areas.

Delicious Salmon Meuniere Recipes to Try

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As a person who is always looking to try new things, salmon meunière was one of the items at the top of my list as I welcomed this New Year. In making it, I have come across quite some lessons which have aided me in preparing the perfect dish. As such, I will delve into what tips you should have at hand first before moving on to how you can make salmon meunière that will have you licking your plate.