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Asian Jelly Fig Seed Dishes and Grass Jelly

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

A unique dish found in East Asian cuisine, is jelly dishes and drinks made from the gel substance harvested from the seeds, leaves, and stems of certain plants. One such dish found most commonly in Taiwan, is ai yu jelly. The common name for the delicacy in Taiwan is Ogio and also known as ice jelly. Although this dish is not commonly found in other parts of the world, it can sometimes be found in areas where there is a large China town or areas where specific Asian cuisine is found.

Coriander Root – Demystifying This Exquisite Ingredient

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

coriander root, coriander root substitute, coriander root where to buy Thailand has one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world. I went backpacking through the country once, and found myself falling in love with the food almost immediately. From the hearty massaman curry to the perpetually-popular pad thai, there’s just so much to love about Thai food.  Probably one of the reasons why Thai cuisine is so memorable to me is because of the fact that most of the food there has a distinctive flavor to them, courtesy of one special ingredient- coriander root.