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What Does “Tbsp” Mean to the British Chef? Understanding Cultural Differences In Cooking

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Cooking is an international pastime. People all over the globe spend time perfecting their favorite regional dishes and sharing the recipes with their friends and family abroad. Thanks to the internet, we’re even more connected with each other than we ever have been. It’s always interesting to look at a cooking site from a different country and examine all of the differences between “their” recipes and “ours.”

How To Keep Fried Food Crispy – Prolonging The Life Of Your Wonderful Crunch

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I”m a big lover of all foods fried. Whether we’re talking donuts, chicken, or tempura, I’m always down to partake of food that’s fresh from the frier. When it comes to leftovers, however, I’m much less interested. After even just a few minutes, fried food can lose its crunch and become a disgusting, soggy mess.

Best Pans for Cooking Eggs – The Right Tools For Easy Eggs

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I know at least one restaurant owner who will audition chefs by having them prepare an egg in front of him. There’s a lot of art to getting eggs right, and you get to know a lot about a chef by watching how they handle their eggs. The dish they choose, the dishes they use, and the quality of the dish they prepare all speak volumes about their cooking ability.