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Kanikama: The Best Imitation Crab Sticks Ever!

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

Crab stick, Kanikama, and Surimi all point to the same thing. They are all words that the Japanese use to describe this famous delicacy that will wow you to bits. And the great thing is that you can find it in most stores. As for me, I like making my Kanikama, as I prefer knowing how to make various meals for my family.

How To Perfectly Boil Egg Whites

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in food

Boiling egg white can be a little tricky to some of us even though it is quite simple and straightforward. And for some of us whose breakfasts are not complete without an egg it in, we could be wondering just how much we can do with our eggs. The beauty of eggs is so satisfying, and you might be so engulfed in it that you might have to rethink having to even cook it. I understand that feeling.