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Zippoli: Authentic Italian Pastry

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Italian deep fried dough is one of the most delightful dessert items that you can enjoy on the menu at an Italian eatery. Often called zippoli, this is a tasty dish that can be served in several different ways, and I have found that it is the perfect finisher most Italian meals. That being said, I decided to try my hand at the Italian dessert to see if I could get the same flavor at home.

Stovetop Frittata: Your Cheesy Goodness

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Stovetop quiche is a rich, creamy, healthy, cheesy goodness (suddenly hungry, huh?) with eggs as its main ingredient and made only in your skillet without an oven. It’s an easy-to-make meal and I think I hear your kitchen beckoning. A stovetop frittata is your go-to stop for a quick, healthy (or not) snack or whole meal.

Making and Serving a 7 Course Meal

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A seven-course meal doesn’t have to be heavy or complex. While it might mean a table groaning with food to some people, in reality, it can be very light and simple. The Italian and the  French both have a simple seven-course menu. The secret of the seven-course dinner is the 7-course meal order. You might have familiar and recognizable foods, but the order in which they are served is important.

Pancetta: An Italian Pork Masterpiece

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Pancetta, sometimes misspelled as panchetta or pancheta, is an Italian cured meat that’s absolutely delicious. Sometimes marked as “Italian bacon,” pancetta is a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches, and party platters. If you’ve got an easily available local source of pancetta, you can also use it as a soup starter or quick way to flavor just about anything that you’re cooking with a healthy dose of porky goodness.

Delicious Picotta Recipe

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Introduction to an Italian Flavor Style 

The authentic Italian flavor known as “picotta/piccata” is a distinct and very tasteful combination of capers, lemon juice, wine and parsley. The bold flavors of each of the ingredients listed under this recipe are held by a strong bond to each other. They are further brought out with the addition of tasty butter and chicken stock and when combined altogether, they make for a smooth, delicious sauce that is perfect over any dinner dish.