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Exploring Negroamaro: The True Taste of Puglia

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Few could deny the fact that when it comes to fine wines and even finer grape varietals, Southern Italy is a place of great wealth and plenty. It’s no coincidence that the ancient Greeks referred to it as Oenotria – the land of grapes – and it’s always a great pleasure for me to explore the sheer range of wines which come from this part of country.

Best Ravioli Maker – Create Amazing Homemade Pasta Shapes

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Last Updated Nov 2019 – Easily the most distinctive type of pasta, ravioli holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of pasta lovers worldwide. While spaghetti, fettucini, and penne are simply different shapes of the same dough, ravioli offers new versatility with the addition of flavorful stuffings.

When each piece of pasta embraces delicious meat, cheese, and herb blends, you’ll be able to craft a bountiful array of new recipes in your kitchen.