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Alfa Forno Pizza Ovens – The Italian Secret

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in BBQ & Outdoor

alfa forno pizza oven, alfa forno pizza oven, italian pizza oven

Last Updated Dec 2019 – Let’s face it – nothing tastes as great as traditional, authentic Italian pizza straight out of the oven. Ever wondered why the pizza you order from those pizza chains does not taste half as good as the ones you get in Italian restaurants or take outs? Do the Italians have a special recipe that they don’t want to reveal, or do they use some kind of secret ingredient?

‘What Makes an ‘Authentic Food Experience?’

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in food

authentic food, authentic japanese recipe, authentic cuisine

In terms of gastronomic tourism the term ‘authenticity’ is as much about the whole touristic experience as it is about the act of eating and drinking. Food has been proven as an important means of selling the Identity and culture of a destination and this combined with other a variety of cultural signs and symbols of the location make up the experience as a whole.

Cuisinart Ice 100 Compressor Ice Cream Gelato Maker

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Small Appliances

cuisinart ice 100 compressor ice cream maker, gelato maker, ice cream machine

Last Updated Dec 2019 – Who says you need to visit Italy to taste authentic Italian gelato? What if we told you that you could make delicious and super creamy gelato at home? You would not believe us, right?

But you can make not only gelato, but ice cream, sorbet and other frozen desserts as well at your home with ease; all you need is Cuisinart ICE 100 compressor ice cream gelato maker and a love for desserts!

What Is Cynar ? – Don’t Worry I’d Never Heard Of It Either!

Written by Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot on . Posted in drink

what is cynar, how to drink cynar, cynar liqueur

I was up in Hai by Goga yesterday afternoon to say hi to Mr Brad Turley, resident Chef extraordinaire, mixer of Shanghai’s best ‘Spritz’  and owner of the greatest collection of Hawaiian shirts in the history of man.

He had just returned from a culinary adventure throughout France and Italy, and was positively bouncing around the room, running on the fumes of a once in a lifetime European gastro-getaway.