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Shun 8 Inch Chef Knife

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Shun premier chef’s knife – Quintessence of finest cutlery

(Updated Jan 2018) – Whether you are a professional chef, or a culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting in the kitchen, a sharp, easy to use, versatile and good quality knife, is a must have. Instead of having a set of garbage knives – spend your money on one decent all purpose knife.

The Shun premier chef’s knife is one of the best knives you can get – here’s why

How to Cook Salmon

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How to Cook Salmon

King, Coho, Pink, and Sockeye, among others, are very popular for their health benefits and flavor. Some salmon can be eaten rare, some has to be hot smoked over a long period of time, some is only good for deep frying, but the vast majority is only good for scanning.

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

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Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board: Your knives will thank you for this!

(Updated Jane 2018) – There is nothing worse than a slim and flimsy small chopping board. They slide all over the place, warp and bend and a terrible for your knives. Enter – the Big Kahuna – this beast of a chopping board will sort you out whether you are cracking crabs or taking a whole leg of lamb off the bone.

This thing is massive and massively impressive as well – one of the best wood cutting boards around – lets have a closer look at it.

‘What Makes an ‘Authentic Food Experience?’

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'What Makes an ‘Authentic Food Experience?’

In terms of gastronomic tourism the term ‘authenticity’ is as much about the whole touristic experience as it is about the act of eating and drinking. Food has been proven as an important means of selling the Identity and culture of a destination and this combined with other a variety of cultural signs and symbols of the location make up the experience as a whole.