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German vs Japanese Knives: Who Makes The Best Chef’s Knives?

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Last Updated Nov 2019 – People who take cooking seriously tend to really like their fancy chef’s knives. The reasons are pretty simple. Food prep is not the most glamorous task in the world, so anything that makes it go by faster, more smoothly, and in a more enjoyable way is cherished. This means that we want our tools to be efficient and enjoyable to use.

The Best Japanese Cast Iron Teapot: Fine Nanbu Tetsubins For Your Tea

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Last Updated Nov 2019 – Tea is different all around the world. The plant is the same, of course: all tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, but the method of preparation and the equipment used varies by quite a bit. The strong black tea with milk that the English drink is incredibly different from the sweet iced tea of the southern United States or the delicate green tea that’s enjoyed in Japan.

What is Japanese Sake?

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Sake is a Japaese alcoholic drink made from rice – it is brewed similar to, but not the same as beer and it should be drunk young, as it does not age like wine. Contrary to popular belief most of the sake in Japan is drunk cold.

Warm sake is drunk usually only in winter and only certain types of sake should be heated. Sake goes well with many cuisines but naturally it is best with fish. (Gauntner 2002)