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What is Japanese Sake? The Japanese Rice Wine

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in drink

what is japanese sake, sake drink, sake drink japan

Sake is a Japaese alcoholic drink made from rice – it is brewed similar to, but not the same as beer and it should be drunk young, as it does not age like wine. Contrary to popular belief most of the sake in Japan is drunk cold.

Warm sake is drunk usually only in winter and only certain types of sake should be heated. Sake goes well with many cuisines but naturally it is best with fish. (Gauntner 2002)

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Tools & Gadgets

totally bamboo cutting board, big butcher block, bamboo cutting board vs wood

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board: Your knives will thank you for this!

Last Updated Jan 2020 – There is nothing worse than a slim and flimsy small chopping board. They slide all over the place, warp and bend and a terrible for your knives. Enter – the Big Kahuna – this beast of a chopping board will sort you out whether you are cracking crabs or taking a whole leg of lamb off the bone.

This thing is massive and massively impressive as well – one of the best wood cutting boards around – lets have a closer look at it.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Roll

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

So, what’s spider maki? Let’s share my experience.

I was born and raised in Texas, USA. I am the stereotypical boot-wearing, farmer’s gum-chewing cowboy that loves meat! And let me tell you I was never interested in changing my ways. But, on February 10th, I was relocated to New York City to work at a private investment firm. Saying that ‘fitting in’ at Wall Street was hard for me, is an understatement. Spider Rolls, believe it or not, were the one thing that brought me closer to all the yuppies!