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Making Your Spicy Yellowtail Rolls

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Yellowtail sushi roll is a delicious preparation that incorporates a special fish found near Japan. Often misnamed “yellow tuna” or “yellowtail tuna” the fish used in this delicacy is actually Seriola quinqueradiata or amberjack. It is found in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii. It is sometimes caught in the open ocean but is also farmed. The farms are located both in coastal areas and in deep sea areas.

Steak Japanese Style: Chaliapin Steak

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Have you ever tried Chaplin steak? This is one of the most tender steaks that you can get in Japan, and it’s tenderized using onions instead of traditional methods. I really enjoy a good steak from time to time, and the first time that I tried Chaliapin steak, I fell in love with the flavor. In this guide, I am going to explain what makes this recipe so tasty and give you several other Japanese steak recipes to try.

The Delicious World of Chicken Tempura

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If you’re looking for a country that has some truly unique cultural offerings, then you can’t really go wrong with the island nation of Japan. I have always been a big fan of most things Japanese – I even speak the language, but if you want to talk about love, I am a deep admirer of a wide variety of Japanese dishes. Nihon ryori, or Japanese cuisine, is a truly diverse experience that I believe everyone should get to know.

Ohagi: Japanese Dessert Riceballs

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A favorite traditional Japanese dish made from sweet rice fashioned into balls of sticky rice is known as Japanese ohagi. It is also known by the name botamochi and are a type of sweet rice balls. The rice is made from both Japanese and glutinous rice. These particular types of rice are quite versatile and can be cooked with a variety of methods and will still turn out as expected. In addition to the rice, red bean paste or azuki is fashioned in a layer around the rice balls.