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Alessi Cocktail Shaker

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On The Gas Review: Shake it up in style!

(Updated Apr 2019) – A cocktail shaker is not just a tool that will help you concoct a great cocktail it is also piece of décor that adds sophistication and elegance to your bar. So, a cocktail shaker should not just be functionally effective, but it also has to look and feel good.

Weber E 330 Natural Gas Grill – Genesis

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Review 2019 – Genesis: The best a grilling station can get.

(Updated Apr 2019) – The Weber E 330 Natural Gas Grill is a grilling station that allows precise temperature control, offers various cooking modes, and produces perfect results. It is a heavy duty grill that lets you create grilled masterpieces. You can perform multiple cooking tasks along with grilling thereby saving you a lot of time. Let’s have a closer look at this amazing grill.

Weber Smokey Mountain Review

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Get the authentic smokehouse taste at home

(Updated Mar 2019) – Bullet style smokers make a great choice if you need to create authentic smoke house flavour at home.In our search for the best smoker for home use, we explored several options and read hundreds of customer reviews.

One bullet styled smoker that caught our eye was the weber smokey mountain 57cm.

Lello Pasta Maker

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Lello pasta maker: home-made pasta (at home)

(Updated Apr 2019) – You can’t beat the taste of fresh, home-made pasta. Of course, there are some hand operated, classic pasta machines out there and these are good,but it sometimes takes an expert to get the pasta right. If you love pasta and want to make it at home then an electric pasta machine could be right up your alley.

One such machine is the lello pasta maker. Let’s have a look at this pasta making magician in more detail.