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Chorizo Gravy: For the Novice and Pro Cook

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in food

One southern classic dish that cannot be easily forgotten is chorizo sausage gravy. This meaty gravy spread on a couple of biscuits will make for an exciting breakfast meal. As the name implies, this sausage gravy is principally made up of sausage and other ingredients like flour, milk, fat or butter and seasonings to spice it up.

Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Reviews – Cheap Meals Made Easy

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Tools & Gadgets

A hand crank tenderizer can turn a cheap cut of beef into something that’s worth writing home about. These simple, inexpensive machines bring out the delicious natural flavors of all types of meat after just a few minutes of work. Best of all, there aren’t any real downsides to tenderizing meat with a device like this – even if you’re working with expensive cuts of meat, your tenderizer will still work just the same.