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Mutton Kasha Recipe – Bengali Love

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Having spent a large chunk of my life in Kolkata, a couple of things always manage to retain their nostalgic appeal for me. While one of them is boi-para’ (College Street) the quintessence of Bengali adda’, the very next would be Kosha Mangsho (Bengali mutton curry); a meal that every Bengali swears by.

LEM Meat Grinders – Grind that meat.

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LEM Meat Grinders – Grind that meat.

(Updated May 2017) – There is nothing better than home made salami, except for maybe homemade chorizo or home made ….. well you see where we are going. Making your own sausages and mince is actually a lot better than buying from a supermarket. You cut out all the additives and preservatives and basically have control over what cuts and kinds of meat you use. Making all of this at home is a cake walk if you have a good quality meat grinder.

You need one that is as functionally efficient as its commercial counterparts, but is easy to operate and clean. Although there are several meat grinders for home use available on the market, the LEM meat grinder is the one that stands out. Let’s have a closer look at this meat grinder, and see if it is a worthy investment.