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Easy and Delicious Sous Vide London Broil

Written by Ona J Bass on . Posted in food

A sous vide London Broil is an amazingly American dish, in spite of the French used in the description and the reference to London, England. It is a cooking method long used by fancy restaurants to make cuts of beef that are ordinarily tough and unpalatable into a delicious serving of meat. Some fanciers say that it is less a cut of meat and much more a cooking method.

Pancetta: An Italian Pork Masterpiece

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

pancetta, italian pork sausage, italian cured pork

Pancetta, sometimes misspelled as panchetta or pancheta, is an Italian cured meat that’s absolutely delicious. Sometimes marked as “Italian bacon,” pancetta is a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches, and party platters. If you’ve got an easily available local source of pancetta, you can also use it as a soup starter or quick way to flavor just about anything that you’re cooking with a healthy dose of porky goodness.

Center Cut Bacon vs Regular Bacon

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in food

People love bacon for many reasons, and over the years, there has been a focus on center cut bacon. Before I get into what this is and the differences it has with other kinds of bacon such as the regular cut, I find that I should first give you a brief introduction to bacon cuts.