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Chicken Fajitas Recipes – Authentic mexican flavours

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The fajita is a gem brought to the world from Tex-Mex culture. I love fajitas because they are very quick to prepare and very quick to please.  It was originally made with skirt steak that farm hands would get as payment while driving cattle in the American Southwest. The word fajita comes from the Spanish faja, meaning belt or sash, and “ita” is a diminutive meaning little.

The Globalization of Mexican Food

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In the Book Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Carts Jeffrey Pilcher’s chapter (Eating Mexican in a Global Age: The Politics and Production of Ethnic Food) presents a case study on the evolution of Mexican food from its regional origins to its arrival in the United States and finally its acceptance on the world culinary stage.  He frames his discussion by asking the critical question:

How to Make Nachos – Like a Superstar

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Nachos started out similar to the Caesar salad. A Mexican Maitre’D named Ignacio (Nacho) Anaya had a table of 10 to 12 ladies show up at his restaurant after closing.

Not one to miss out on business, Nacho ran into the kitchen to see what he had.The answer was tostadas, shredded Wisconsin cheese, and jalapenos. The “nacho” was born.