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Best Microwave Drawers: Reviews For 2019

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Last Updated Apr 2019- Not everyone has space over their range for a microwave. For some people, this is because of a small, cramped kitchen. For others, however, it’s not so much an issue of total kitchen area as much as it is an issue of what goes where. If you use your range a lot, you might find yourself putting a standalone range hood where the microwave usually goes.

Best Gas Stoves / Ovens – Our Top 3 Reviewed for 2019

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(Last Updated Aug 2019) – A good gas stove is not only an essential piece of kitchen equipment but cooking with gas is so much better than using an electric oven or stove. Gas is faster, hotter and easier to control. Take a look inside any professional kitchen and you will only ever see gas burners and equipment.

With a wide range of gas ovens and stoves on the market it can be a bit difficult finding one that suits your needs best, so we have put together a list of our best gas stoves / ovens for 2019/20.

How to Roast a Turkey

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Here in the States we eat turkey on Thanksgiving, the third Thursday in November. Roast turkey has fond memories for many of us. A poorly roasted turkey has bad memories for many of us, too.

Dry, over cooked turkey can ruin a great family occasion. Our fear of under cooked poultry, combined with a lack of knowledge, has caused many turkey dinners to be dreadful. Roasting a turkey is actually very easy. It’s just a matter of some basic preparation. Bacon helps too.