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Who is the Chef de Cuisine?

Written by Ona J Bass on . Posted in food

The chef cuisinier or chef de cuisine is the chef in charge of the entire kitchen. That might not mean a lot in a small establishment where the chef de cuisine might be the owner or a location manager where he or she takes on a lot of different jobs. 

Get Ahead- A Bluefin Tuna Head – Eat Tuna Head in Japan

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in food

bluefin tuna head, tuna head recipe, japanese tuna recipe

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of entertaining a few loose friends from Australia who were in Nippon on route to India. So I decided to take them out for one of the last magnificent feasts in Japan before they hit the land of curry, spice and all things nice. Unbeknown to them (or me) we were about to embark on a journey that would open up a new world – the world of the bluefin tuna head.

和牛 Wagyu; The Japanese Cow and the Cat Cafe

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in food

wagyu beef, wagyu steak, japanese cow

I love it when my friends from abroad come to visit me in Japan, well that is until the next day when the hangover falls from the sky like a bowling ball – and seriously I am talking about a near death experience – we make the movie the hangover look like an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine – but that is another story completely.

Kaiseki in Kyoto Japan – A Regional Foodway

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in food

kaiseki restaurant, kaiseki kyoto, best japanese restaurant

If you visit one of the many farmers markets in the western world you are bound to come across at least one of them. They could be driving a Range Rover looking for a wild pheasant for a BBQ, or they could be a tattoo-smothered biker casing ingredients for a biscuit recipe.

They are bound to be taking photos on their phone, coffee or organic chai latte in hand, probably sporting a hangover from visiting a ‘too cool for school’ sake or wine bar the night before. They are out there. Like an edible mold, the food movement is creeping around the world and gaining followers wherever it goes.

Super star chefs saturate the media. Kids as young as 14 are on TV, boning knife in hand showing us how to strip a bull carcass. If it’s naturally line caught, vine ripened, organically grass and walnut fed, free rang and locally grown – then it is a hit.

Koyoshi Sushi – Some of The Best Sushi Osaka Has to Offer

Written by Jason Adamson on . Posted in food

koyoshi sushi, sushi in osaka, sushi osaka menu

The Sushi at Koyoshi Sushi in Osaka is an experience all in itself. The place only seats eight people and if you are not there at 6pm then you wait in a line out the front. It is not any normal line either – there is no maître de, no waiter or service person – there is no one to tell you how long you will wait – you just get in line behind the person in front of you and wait.