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How To Use A Heat Diffuser To Protect Your Glass Top Stove

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Glass top stoves are pretty. The smooth layer of glass on the top gives your kitchen a modern beauty that exudes class and elegance. But when you crack that glass with a heavy pan, all of that beauty goes out the window. Heat diffusers won’t protect your stove from harm altogether, but they will make it much harder for you to damage your glass top accidentally.

Best Gas Stoves / Ovens – Our Top 3 Reviewed for 2019

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(Last Updated Apr 2019) – A good gas stove is not only an essential piece of kitchen equipment but cooking with gas is so much better than using an electric oven or stove. Gas is faster, hotter and easier to control. Take a look inside any professional kitchen and you will only ever see gas burners and equipment.

With a wide range of gas ovens and stoves on the market it can be a bit difficult finding one that suits your needs best, so we have put together a list of our best gas stoves / ovens for 2018.