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Jamaican Cabbage Recipe • Liven Up Any Meal

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Authentic Jamaican Style cabbage is the epitome of whatever’s fresh, nutritious, and locally available Jamaican dish you can find. It is famous for its sweet and spicy flavors that tastes really good. Furthermore, it is also as rich and complex as the country’s fusion of diverse identities blending local, foreign and Rastafarian influences.

The Most Unusual Substitutes for Fish Sauce Yet

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It’s sweet, salty and widely used in many Asian cuisine, but the sad thing that stands out about fish sauce is that it’s not suitable for everybody – and this is where fish sauce substitutes come in. Fish sauce, otherwise known as ‘nam pla’ in Thai is one of the most basic ingredients and Thai and generally Southeast Asian cooking.

5 Perfect Dry Milk Substitutes

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Whether you’re looking for a substitute in a recipe or just another milk powder, there are enough milk powder substitutes available in the market. Milk is a very important ingredient that finds use in baking recipes and carries much weight on its own as a beverage.

41 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Vegan Recipes

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Favorite vegan recipe

The vegan diet is a healthy lifestyle that requires people to give up products of animal origin (diaries, eggs, meat). By eating only vegetables, fruits, and plants, you will receive more nutrients, feel healthier and have more energy. Also, not only that you will feel great, but you will also look great because vegan food is an excellent ally in the weight loss process.