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Horseradish Substitute – What To Use Instead

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

horseradish substitute, horseradish alternative, horseradish replacement
There are few tastes as distinctive as horseradish. It delivers a unique experience that’s somehow more than a taste. It’s not spicy in the same way as a pepper, but it certainly has plenty of kick. This makes it the backbone of many sauces, dips, and recipes. This means it’s tough to find a horseradish replacement.

Yamagobo – More Than Just Carrots

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

what is yamagobo, yamagobo sushi, yamagobo roll
I was at a sushi bar in Los Angeles perhaps two years ago when I witnessed a particularly embarrassing interaction. A woman was talking to one of the chefs (who spoke very good English) and she forced the poor man to explain in great detail what all of the ingredients in her sushi roll were. She wasn’t content with normal explanations, either. Instead, she demanded that he describe all of the ingredients in simple English terms — seaweed instead of nori and so forth. When he tried to define gobo, however, she refused to believe him.

Are Vegan Chips Actually Good to Eat?

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

From vegetarian potato chips to an array of other forms of chips, vegan chip lovers often wonder if their favorite delicious snacks are vegan. Vegan chips have become very popular, and I found a variety of tastes and textures in my favorite health food store. However, there may be chips for vegans lying in wait at the supermarket as well as the health food hangout. And for those on the go- you can find some of these choices at the nearby gas station!

Parsley vs Cilantro: How To Tell The Difference

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

parsley vs cilantro, parsley, cilantro
Learning to cook entails becoming familiar with several types of herbs. You probably cook with basil, oregano, parsley, cilantro, and other leafy herbs on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you know what they look like in the wild, however. I’m perfectly happy to admit that I’m very much in this category. If a basil plant sprung up in my backyard I would never recognize it.

Marjoram Substitute Ideas: Top Tricks For Saving Your Recipe

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

marjoram substitute, marjoram spice, what is marjoram
You don’t have to be a professional cook or a foodie to know that your food’s flavor matters. Even if you’re just preparing a meal for yourself, one of your goals in the kitchen is to produce a consistently tasty dish that you actually want to eat. In many cases, this involves using fresh local herbs and just the right quantity of seasoning. If you don’t have the right herb, however, finding a marjoram alternative can be tricky.

Riced Broccoli Trader Joe’s Style

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

You know about rice and you probably know about riced cauliflower, but have you ever heard of riced broccoli? No? Well, that’s about to change. We live in the 21st century, and one of the features of this century is that people just don’t have as much time as did our ancestors.