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How to Roast a Turkey

Written by Sean Jewett on . Posted in the kitchen hand

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Here in the States we eat turkey on Thanksgiving, the third Thursday in November. Roast turkey has fond memories for many of us. A poorly roasted turkey has bad memories for many of us, too.

Dry, over cooked turkey can ruin a great family occasion. Our fear of under cooked poultry, combined with a lack of knowledge, has caused many turkey dinners to be dreadful. Roasting a turkey is actually very easy. It’s just a matter of some basic preparation. Bacon helps too.

How to Cook Fish Like a King

Written by Sean Jewett on . Posted in the kitchen hand

how to cook fish, fish cooking tips, cooking fish

Teach a man to fish…

According to Wikipedia there are over 170 kinds of edible fish, and I noticed some missing from their list. Fish is considered one of the healthiest animal based protein sources, containing healthy fats and oils, and a generally all-natural diet. We can’t really say that about beef, pork, or chicken.

How to Make Mash Potato Like a Master

Written by Sean Jewett on . Posted in the kitchen hand

how to make mash potato, perfect mash potato, mashed potato recipe

The History of the Little Potato (if you’re after the classic mash recipe straight away scroll down!)

Potatoes, as most of us know, come from Peru originally. Now they are everywhere there are people. Potatoes are linked to many civilizations having booms. The potato fed the Incas, allowing them to make incredible leaps in science, math, and architecture. They fed the Mayans and the Aztecs. Potatoes have been cultivated for over 7,000 years by the people of the Andes, resulting in about 5 thousand varieties.