Are you looking for a fantastic thin cut chuck steak recipe that will impress your guests and make you delicious, tender, juicy steak every meal? Chuck steaks are wonderfully cheap compared with some of the other options, but that doesn’t mean they must be hard, dry, or unsatisfying.

Let’s explore some top recipes so you can ensure you are enjoying the best steak option every time. Any of these would be perfect for a party or just a quiet dinner at home.

1. Pan Seared Chuck Eye Steak

Recipe One: Pan Seared Chuck Eye Steak

If you are a fan of steaks that have a truly crispy exterior and a tender, juicy center, this pan-seared chuck eye steak is absolutely the recipe for you, because it achieves both to perfection. Succulent, soft, and mouth-wateringly crunchy on the outside, the pan-seared chuck eye is ideal for any fancy meal.

The recipe requires you to salt the outside of the meat and then chill it for between one and eight hours. The salt will pull the moisture out of the outside of the meat, and while that might sound like it would make it dry, it’s actually a technique that will let you achieve the ultimate sear when the meat hits the pan.

You are then going to sear the meat in the oven and use the juices that collect in the bottom of the pan to create a marinade, adding garlic, thyme, and butter. This mixture needs to be spooned over the steak for a few minutes to give it a rich flavor and add to its succulency.

Allow the meat to rest for around five minutes before serving, giving it time to absorb plenty of juice and the flavor to soak in, and then cut it thinly against the grain and serve. This meal should be satisfying, tasty, and reasonably inexpensive compared with other steak options.

It’s also a quick cook, with just an hour of resting time and then a few minutes of cooking. You can easily get the desired rareness, and if you’re in need of a speedy, simple meal that doesn’t require hours of marinading and resting and tenderizing, this one is perfect for you.

2. Baked Chuck Steak And Veggies

Baked Chuck Steak And Veggies

If you’re thinking roast and a full meal instead, you’ll love this foil baked chuck steak and potatoes recipe. This is again a cheap way to make a fantastic and easy meal, but this one is a full dinner, with the vegetables cooked in with the steak and absorbing its rich flavor.

It is also easy to exchange the vegetables used for almost anything else you enjoy (provided it roasts well), or to add more vegetables to the basic recipe. Additionally, you should end up with few used cooking implements, because it is all going to be roasted in one pan, making cleanup much faster and easier – a definite win for busy evenings when everyone is tired.

You don’t need to marinate or even rest the steak for this recipe. You are just going to pat it dry with some kitchen towel, and then place it in a foiled baking tray.

Next, you need a flavoring, and another great thing about this recipe is that it is ultra simple – you just need a packet of onion soup mix with added crushed garlic for the marinade. Don’t add water, but spread the dry mix over the steak; the juices of the meat will be enough to moisten the mixture.

Now the meat is ready, so you need to prepare the vegetables. Cut your carrots to a few inches long and scatter them over the meat, and then peel and chop your potatoes and add them to the tray too.

The recipe also recommends celery, but you can use other vegetables, or stick to carrots and potatoes if you prefer. If you like, slice other veggies to around three or four inches long and scatter them into the tray as well.

Now, cube some butter, scatter this over the vegetables, and cover the whole meal in foil and bake it. The butter will add a rich, crispy glaze to the vegetables, and you’ll soon have a sort of one pot roast, with meat and vegetables combined in the center, ready to enjoy. Perfect for minimal fuss and minimal cleanup.

3. Thin Cut Chuck Steak And Broccoli

Thin Cut Chuck Steak And Broccoli

If you want a hit of something healthy, this broccoli and chuck steak recipe is certainly the correct one for you. It combines all the goodness of broccoli with the satisfying chewiness of steak, and you can add other vegetables if you want to expand the meal.

It’s also super fast, taking only twenty minutes before it’s ready to eat – and you can’t really expect much more than that from a delicious and healthy meal. It has a sauce to rival any Chinese takeaway. Whip this up on any weeknight and save yourself money on takeout, as well as time and energy in the kitchen.

You do need quite a few ingredients for this recipe, including the steak and broccoli, but also oyster sauce, rice wine, onions, garlic, stock of any kind, and oil. The sauce requires soy sauce, baking soda, cornstarch, and sesame oil. If you have all of those things, you’re away!

You start by making a marinade from the oyster sauce, rice wine, stock, etc. Marinate the beef and the broccoli in this while you create the stir fry sauce. This involves mixing the soy sauce, baking soda, cornstarch and sesame oil in a hot pan.

The beef should be removed from the marinade and added to the pan, and sauteed with the garlic, giving it a rich flavor. Stir fry it with the broccoli and then stir in the beefy marinade. Thicken the sauce by cooking for a few minutes, and the food is ready to enjoy!

This is a rich and succulent dish that uses lots of different flavors to create a salty, satisfying sauce for your steak. The crispy broccoli will nicely set off the tender steak.

4. Grilled Chuck Steak

Grilled Chuck Steak

If you’re a fan of grilling your steak, a chuck steak is the perfect option. It is a little chewier than some of the pricey steaks, but it is still delicious, tender, and very good, especially when marinated first.

This is a super simple way to cook steak and you can’t really beat an outdoor cookout on a hot day. Try the grilled chuck steak recipe to see for yourself just how good this can be.

You need a few different ingredients for the marinade, but nothing too special. Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and olive oil will make you a rich and tasty marinade. You can adjust the quantities for a saltier or less salty experience by increasing or reducing the soy sauce.

Mix them up together in a container and then marinate the meat overnight so there is plenty of time for the steak to take on the flavor and soak it up. This should make it more tender and enjoyable.

Grill the steak on medium heat once it has finished marinating, and then serve hot and enjoy the succulent flesh. Remember to cut it thin and against the grain to reduce its chewiness!

This is probably one of the simplest ways to cook steak, so as long as you do the prep in advance, you’ve got a super fast and easy meal that everyone will enjoy.

5. Braised Chuck Steak

Anyone who is interested in making the most of the flavor in this steak will enjoy the braised chuck steak recipe. 

Chuck is a very fatty steak, which gives it a lot of taste and makes it a popular choice for this kind of meal. If you aren’t keen on fat, you may find chuck steaks a bit heavy, but that marbling does give them a melt-in-the-mouth richness most people will love.

You need some rich beef stock, some oil, some baby carrots, some thyme, some potatoes, and of course the chuck steaks for this recipe. You may also want some gravy browning. The recipe calls for seasoned flour as well.

You are going to roll the steak in the seasoned flour and then brown it in an oiled skillet. Take the meat out of the pan, add the stock, and put the meat back. Boil and then simmer for about an hour. Next, you can pour off the juices, refrigerate the meat, and remove the congealed fat if you choose to, or just keep cooking.

Simmer the carrots and potatoes in the skillet for half an hour, and then cover them and the meat. Mix some more flour with water and cook with stock to make a gravy. Get everything hot and then serve.

You’ve now got a delicious, rich steak dinner with accompanying vegetables, and because chuck steak has so much flavor, it is perfect for this kind of meal. As long as your gravy is also good, you’ve got an ideal dinner for any family.

6. Slow Cooker Chuck Steak

Many of the tougher steaks do well when cooked in a slow cooker, and chuck steaks are no exception to this rule. A minimal work recipe that allows you to come home to a succulent, hot meal with little cleanup and no further fuss? It sounds perfect, so let’s explore this slow cooker Montreal chuck steak recipe.

All you need for this is your steak, some McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning (or something similar if you don’t have this), a cup of beef broth, and a bit of minced onion. That’s it! This is a recipe you can toss on as you rush out the door for work, and you know you’ll be coming home to something tasty and hot.

Put the roast at the bottom of the slow cooker, and then add the broth and the seasoning, followed by the onion. Place the lid on the cooker, switch it to low, and leave it for eight to ten hours – perfect for a long workday.

You can then just whip up some vegetables when you get home, or serve the steak as it is and enjoy. It’s wonderful how easily you can get a delicious steak as a treat for the end of a long day; no matter what you’ve got packed into your schedule, you should still have time to make dinner!

7. Sous Vide Chuck Steak

Recipe Seven: Sous Vide Chuck Steak

If you’ve got a tough cut of chuck steak and you don’t know what to do with it, invest a bit of time into this sous vide chuck steak recipe. It isn’t a quick meal and requires some specialist equipment, but if you can do it, it’s delightfully tender and will make the most of the chuck steak’s flavor.

The great thing about this cooking method is that you can cook the meat for a long time but you choose the temperature, so you can still have medium-rare or even rare steak.

For this recipe, you just need some seasoning ingredients such as salt, pepper, sugar, and rosemary, which you rub along with olive oil onto the meat. That done, transfer the cut to a Ziploc bag, remove the air, and seal.

The roast then goes into a sous vide water bath. Cover the pot completely with aluminum foil to trap the heat, and then the meat can be cooked at 136° F for a full twenty-four hours.

Because the meat never rises above 136° F, you’ll still get rare or medium-rare meat, and you have effectively tenderized the tough cut to something beautifully soft and succulent. This is a great recipe if you have the time to do it, and will allow you to make use of the tougher, cheaper meat cuts on a regular basis – while still enjoying soft meat.


There are many different ways to enjoy your thin cut chuck steaks and make the most of this particularly flavorful but often neglected meat. Don’t reject chuck steaks because they are cheaper; they can be just as delicious – or even more so – than the expensive, softer cuts. It’s all in the cooking!


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