Best Bacon Cooker: The Easiest Way To Make Bacon, Fast

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Cooking bacon is messy. It’s not a thing that people talk about all the time, sure, but if you’ve ever gone straight to the kitchen and tried to cook bacon before waking up and putting on proper cooking clothes, you probably made a mess. Getting splattered with bits of bacon grease for several minutes isn’t fun, and while things like lids, screens, and other tools can help catch the flying fat, you’re probably going to still get bits of bacon drippings on your stove or counter.

Texas Shaped Waffle Maker – create novelty waffles with ease

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Tools & Gadgets

As a child, I would have loved to eat Texas shaped waffles every day. Breakfast was always a rushed affair, with my parents attempting to manage me, my siblings, and their own needs in a tight timeframe with far too many tasks to attend to. In our chaotic household, we usually only had time for cereal or something heated up in the toaster. Waffles were a thing of luxury.