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Getting back to basics is a big thing nowadays. Knowing where you food comes from is as important as knowing how to cook. So today we thought we would take the process right back and have a look at a grain mill.

There are few things that taste better than freshly baked bread made with fresh homemade flour and the Country living hand grain mill has long been admired for its sturdiness, ease of use, and quality of output.

A hand grain mill is a great investment if you want to adopt a healthier way of living. It lets you mill grain at home as and when you require. Let’s take a closer look at this piece of equipment.

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About the Country living hand grain mill

Simply speaking, it lets you mill grain from home. So, if you like to bake bread or cakes, you can use this grain mill to make fresh flour. And the results are far better than you might imagine. It gives you the freedom to crush your grain the way you want.

Whether you want to crack corn, require a coarse or super smooth corn meal or flour, you can achieve it with very cool machine . You can pretty much mill any kind of grain you want.

If you think you need to be hulk hogan to grind grain with this mill, then you can put all your apprehensions to rest as it only requires the skill of a lesser WWF wrestler. No seriously it does take a bit, but it is actually good exercise.

For those who don’t want to apply any physical effort, there is an option of getting this hand grain mill converted into powered operation (lazy ass) but you can also hook it up to a bicycle as well.


Here are some great features of this hand grain mill

manual grinder, manual grain grinderThis grain mill, which is made of superior cast metal alloy, is topped with a strong powder coat finish that gives it extra ordinary strength.

It won’t peel or chip even after prolonged use. Investing in this machine means you can mill your own grain for the rest of your life and then give it to your grandkids who can do the same.

This grain mill has been precision engineered to offer the highest quality milling. From producing coarser textures to super fine flour, this mill can do a cup of flour in less than a minute (if you spin it without being a weak ass).

You can use a motor kit and change it to power mode with minimal fuss. It’s a good looking  machine with clean lines and a smooth finish.

It is extremely versatile, and can be used not only to mill wheat, but oats, legumes, beans and other dry material. The machine can be disassembled very easily, and this makes cleaning extremely simple.

Who should buy it?

Country living grain mills are a great purchase for the proponents of healthy eating living and those who love getting back to basics in the kitchen. It is also great for people who are concerned about the environment.

If you are a family that likes to cook together, then this machine is a great choice for you, as it lets the whole family participate in the cooking process. Even the kids can help you mill the grain while you take care of other things (they seriously would love doing it).

This mill makes a great choice for those people who like their flour perfect as it would give them the ability to control the fineness of flour.


This Country living hand grain mill allows you the luxury of enjoying fresh bread, made from freshly milled flour or any grain your choose. It is very strong built, and you will have it for  many years to come.

It is a relatively large piece of equipment, but can easily fit on the countertop of an average sized kitchen actually there is an special clamp that can also be purchased so you can mount it on your kitchen bench.

It can be easily adapted to powered operation or you can hook up your exercise bike and lose a few Kilos.


vintage hand grinder, vintage grinderOk this thing is not for lazy people who are just going to buy it to look good. You really have to use this machine, you have to make your own bread, cookies, cakes, basically you have to be a pretty good home chef.

It is kind of bulky so it is probably not suitable for people who live in a small apartment but if you are a bit of a cake head – you can always hook it up to your kitchen bench with the adapter.

Bottom line

If you want to be in control of all aspects of food preparation, then this product is a great investment for you. Great if you are into healthy style living and really want to get back to basics. Making your own food from scratch is not only good for your health but also good for your soul.

You can easily purchase these hand grain mills online but it’s best to first check it out on Amazon, as they usually have great deals on pretty much everything really.

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