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Lello pasta maker: home-made pasta (at home)

You can’t beat the taste of fresh, home-made pasta. Of course, there are some hand-operated, classic pasta machines out there and these are good,but it sometimes takes an expert to get the pasta right. If you love pasta and want to make it at home then an electric pasta machine could be right up your alley.

One such machine is the Lello pasta maker. Let’s have a look at this pasta making magician in more detail.

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Lello pasta machine: An overview

The Lello pasta maker 3000 pro can make up to 3 pounds (1.5 kgs) of pasta in 20 minutes. All you have to do is add the liquid and solid contents to the mixture, press the on button, wait for 20 minutes, and it will extrude perfectly textured, and great tasting pasta from the selected pasta discs.

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There are 8 different discs to choose from depending on what kind of pasta you want. From regular spaghetti to thin spaghetti, macaroni, small fettuccine, lasagne noodles, flat linguine, large hollow spaghetti you name it – the Lello pasta maker can pretty much do it.

If this is not enough for you, you can go for optional pasta discs, and create ravioli, pizza, breadsticks, pretzels, gnocchi, shells, penne and a lot more.

Who the Lello Pasta Maker is for

If you are looking for a kitchen aid that can help you make pasta at home in a painless and convenient manner then Lello is the best pasta maker for you (check out the ravioli maker).

Whether you are an enthusiastic home cook or a seasoned chef, this pasta maker can help you make pasta that not only tastes great but has perfect texture as well. It is especially good for people who are looking for a machine that can make a wide variety of pasta.

Features and benefits

lasagna machine, lasagna makerThe Lello pasta maker is a feature-rich kitchen aid that can help both home cooks and professional chefs make perfect pasta in a quick and hassle-free manner. Here are some features and benefits that you can expect from this electric pasta maker machine:

Powerful motor: The Lello pasta maker features a 300 watt motor that helps make amazing pasta in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Quick: This pasta maker can prepare 3 pounds of pasta in just 20 minutes.

Auto shut-off: The auto shut-off feature of this pasta maker saves it from over-heating.

Eight pasta discs: This pasta maker allows you to choose from 8 different pasta types. You can make spaghetti, thin spaghetti, macaroni, small fettuccine, lasagne noodles, flat linguine, large hollow spaghetti and cookies using the Lello pasta machine.

Recipe book and user manual: The Lello pasta maker comes with a recipe book that contains 38 pasta recipes. The user manual is easy to follow.

Safety: This function requires that the bowl is in place and the lid on the bowl for it to work. The past machine also has an additional safety function built in that will shut the motor off if it becomes too hot. This is helpful as it will save your machine from burning up.

Size: The pasta maker is compact allowing for easy storage while providing the full functionality of larger, bulkier machines. It measures in at 11 ½” by 8”.

Portability: For those that travel, this is the perfect machine. It is compact enough that it can be loaded up and used in the small confines of an RV setting. It also allows you to eat healthy, whole grain pasta at home or on the go.

Other Factors to Consider

Customers rave about the Lello pasta maker. The size is great, and it is small enough to take with you if you prefer fresh pasta when you travel. It is also a great idea if you prefer to use your own fresh grains.

Clean up: If you have every owned a pasta machine, you might be a little disappointed. You do have to remove the blade and the whole compartment and wash it because it is an extruder. This is not impossible or overly difficult, you should just know that you need to be careful when removing the blade.

Mixing the Pasta: The great thing about this pasta maker is that all you have to do is add the ingredients. Both wet and dry. The machine does the rest of the work. Just be precise with your measurements as this is a machine. Unlike when you knead the dough yourself, if you are not precise with your measurements, the dough can be too wet or too dry.

Excellent Customer Service: I had a question about my pasta maker, and I had to call customer service. I was surprised and shocked that the representative was both knowledgeable and walked me through the process of making sure that my machine was in good working order. There is also a warranty which is a plus in the event anything breaks.

The dies are plastic: Some seasoned pasta makers prefer that the dies on their machine be metal. I found that while that is definitely preferable, especially with manual pasta makers, on this machine, it is not a factor. All eight dies make different kinds of pasta.

When you decide to buy a pasta maker, there are many choices out there. Between manual and electric, I would most definitely opt for an electric pasta maker. I compared many machines when looking into a pasta maker.

When looking at ease of use, I considered many machines but found after much research that the Lello Pasta maker really is the easiest pasta maker out there. I do need to weigh my dry ingredients, but aside from that, it is literally a load and go pasta maker.

I also considered the kinds of pasta I prefer. I like different pasta for different occasions, so this machine appealed to me in that it offers me the ability to make eight different kinds of pasta. Normally I would be a little skeptical, but this machine has proven to be great.

I like the safety options as well. I did burn up a motor in a pasta maker one time. This machine offers a safety function that will stop that machine from overheating. When I think about it, kneading and mixing thick dough is actually very hard work. So, I like that my $250.00 investment will be protected.

I am also fond of the fact that if the components of the machine will not work unless the lid is closed and the bowl is safely attached. This prevents those “I’m too busy to remember everything” mistakes. (like dough flying everywhere.)

For those of you who prefer gluten free pasta, this is the extruder for you. Some machines have a problem with gluten free pasta making, but this machine has proven to be successful with my recipes. I also like that you can actually freeze the pasta that you make with this machine.  Not something I have found with other machines.

The pasta that you make with the Lello pasta maker is great as well. I love that when I make pasta, it can be ready to eat in three minutes. This is great! I love that I can go to the pasta maker to the stove to the table in about an hour. That is hard to find with most machines.

High altitude usually impedes dough prep and fresh pasta making. The great news with this machine is that it works absolutely great at 9000 feet!! I know this is not always a factor when you think of buying a small appliance, but dough prep and fresh pasta prep at this altitude can be tricky. I love that I can make my family fresh pasta and not have to worry about my altitude for once.

Another great advantage to using this machine is that if you like to season your pasta, this machine mixes well enough that seasonings and other additions will mix evenly and thoroughly as well. That is hard to find with a pasta maker.

I am thankful that the Lello has a recipe book that comes with it. It is nice to know that I don’t have to research it online or buy a book extra. It is also easy to cut them in half or scale them down. I like that I can adjust my recipes for the number of people that I am cooking for.

The final perk to this machine is a sentimental one. I love that I can do this with my kids. My 13-year-old is learning to cook, and she loves Italian. I supervised her while she was doing everything of course, but I cannot lie, I was so happy when I watched her make a perfect meal. It is easy to use.  Even someone who is not experienced in a kitchen can cook a successful meal.


An electric pasta maker machine certainly costs a lot more than a manual one, but the efficiency and speed are well worth the price. Some reviewers have found this pasta maker noisy. However, it should not matter much unless you plan to watch TV and make pasta at the same time. All in all no major limitations.

Bottom line

When it comes to making a great pasta without all the fuss and muss of a manual pasta maker, Lello is the machine for you. You can easily prepare gluten free pasta, regular pasta, egg pasta and even add your own ingredients to season without a huge mess and losing half your day.

Imagine a world that you can make pasta, cut it, cook it and have it on the table ready to eat in an hour and a half and even have the mess cleaned up. I am not a fan of machines that usually do the work that I was originally taught to do by hand, but this machine has convinced me that it is okay.

I am not a fan of machines. I am also not a fan of slaving in a kitchen all day. I am a fan of home-made family dinners that can bring the whole family together from start to finish. I like being able to watch my daughter do something that she enjoys, and this machine is simple enough for her to be able to do that from start to finish. I would highly recommend this machine to a chef as well as a beginning cook.

For anyone who wants to make fresh home-made pasta, then the Lello pasta maker is an ideal choice for you. The additional discs allow for a wide range of pasta types and the machine itself is extremely easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Get your pasta game on – check out Amazon for amazing deal.


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