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French Duck Press – Gourmand’s Delight, Collector’s Pride

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If you are hearing the word “duck press” for the first time, it surely would have aroused your inquisitiveness, and put your grey cells to work. One thing is certain, your deductive powers would have given you hundreds of answers, but the last thing that you would think of as a duck press is a kitchen implement. Yes, a French duck press is a kitchen implement, which has a very special use. For anyone, who is privy to the food culture of France, would need no introduction to this fairly simple device.

Best Pancake Maker – The Best Tools For Perfect Pancakes

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Last Updated Jan 2021 – My father was the first person I know to purchase the best pancake cooker. I was incredulous when I heard, of course: after all, from my perspective, pancakes seem like an exercise in controlled simplicity. Why would someone need to use a special tool to make a dish that basically involves pouring batter into a skillet and then flipping it over once?

Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Reviews – Cheap Meals Made Easy

A hand crank tenderizer can turn a cheap cut of beef into something that’s worth writing home about. These simple, inexpensive machines bring out the delicious natural flavors of all types of meat after just a few minutes of work. Best of all, there aren’t any real downsides to tenderizing meat with a device like this – even if you’re working with expensive cuts of meat, your tenderizer will still work just the same.