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Totally Bamboo Cutting Board: Your knives will thank you for this!

Last Updated Jan 2024 – There is nothing worse than a slim and flimsy small chopping board. They slide all over the place, warp and bend and a terrible for your knives. Enter – the Big Kahuna – this beast of a chopping board will sort you out whether you are cracking crabs or taking a whole leg of lamb off the bone.

This thing is massive and massively impressive as well – one of the best wood cutting boards around – lets have a closer look at it.

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Big Kahuna cutting board: What’s all the fuss about bamboo?

chopping block, chopping block counterThe only thing that can extend the life of your high quality knives is a good cutting board. You need a cutting board that has a surface which does not get damaged by extensive use.

At the same time, it should not be too hard for your knives; or else your knives can easily become blunt and get burrs or even just loose their edge completely. The big kahuna cutting board is made of high quality bamboo, which renders it strength, durability, and a perfect surface for your knives (and you) to work on.

Apart from the strength, the most appealing thing about this cutting board is its size. It gives you enough room to do large amounts of prep without having to find space elsewhere and it is an environmentally friendly product, as bamboo is biodegradable and a renewable resource, although we can pretty much assure yoou – a chopping board like this will proabably last you a lifetime.

What features and benefits can you expect from the totally bamboo cutting board?

Totally bamboo cutting boards are some of the best wood cutting boards around.

Here’s why

chopping block for kitchen, bamboo chopping blockDurability: It is made from high quality Moso bamboo, which is about 16 percent durable and harder than maple. This means, it is much stronger and denser than the regular maple wood cutting boards available in the market.

Large size: This cutting board measures 24 by 18 by 3-inches, which means, you have more than enough room to accommodate large batches of food.

Easy and safe to use: It comes with firm feet, which keeps the board stable and secured to the counter surface. Nothing worse than having a board slide around and cutting yourself.

Aesthetically appealing: The totally bamboo cutting board is a good looking piece of wood and looks great on your kitchen countertop. It has a natural colour and finish.

Environment friendly: It is made from bamboo that is one of the most fast growing and easily re-harvestable natural resources on the planet.

Easy to clean: You just need to wash it with warm water and occasionally use a revitalizing oil to restore its natural finish.

serving board, butcher blockAre there any downsides to the product?

There are no major turn offs that you can expect from this product. The only thing is that its size can act as a double edged sword. Because this thing is huge – it requires a lot of counter space, which might be a constraint in some houses.

Some people might think the price is a bit high when you compare it to those flimsy plastic and garbage wooden cutting boards, but if you are serious about your kitchen and your food – this cutting board really is a no brainer.

Who should buy big kahuna cutting board?

We would say, any serious cook, who hates bad cutting boards should invest in this one. If your knives become blunt easily or your cutting board keeps slipping away while you are working on it, it means you need a big kahuna cutting board.

Is it worth my money?

Every bit ! A totally bamboo cutting board will make your life in the kitchen more pleasurable and a hell of a lot easier (not to mention safer as well !). Check Out Current Price On Amazon.


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