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If you love French pressed coffee, then you probably already know that the consistency and quality of your grinder will make a world of difference to the taste of each cup. Choosing the best French press coffee grinder, however, isn’t as daunting as you might think.

So long as you know what to look for, finding the right grinder will come easy. 

espresso bean grinder, espresso grinderToday, French pressing ranks among the most popular methods for brewing coffee. The flavor and aroma of French pressed coffee is so intense that it isn’t all too surprising why more and more people are opting to invest in their own grinder.

That said, the beauty of this machine lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is grind the coffee beans, pour in some hot water over the grinds, and you have a ready cup to keep you warm, jerk you awake, and get you moving.

However, the consistency of your grinds might prove to be a problem. Press pot coffee tends to have a medium body – denser than drip coffee but less than espressos. To this end, you need to ensure that your grinds are just coarse enough. Too fine and the coffee will taste bitter (over-extracted), too coarse and it will be weak (under-extracted).

Consequently, to ensure that the consistency is just right, you must invest in one of the press coffee grinders listed in this guide. By making such a choice, you will no longer have to go to an expensive coffee house for your cuppa Joe. Instead, you will have the tool you need to make your own coffee at home. 

Having used French press grinders, I can assure you that you will never go back to your regular drip coffee. In fact, the experience will reveal a new form of art that you will consistently want to try out every day.

That said, to make the French pressed coffee, you will need the following:

– A burr coffee grinder

– A coffee scale

– A gooseneck coffee kettle

– A French Press

If you already have these pieces of equipment, then there should be no problem. However, if you don’t, you might want to consider investing in them.

In this guide, we will help you choose the right French press coffee grinder to change your coffee lifestyle. 

Choosing the Right One

Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder

If you would rather invest in an electric French press grinder rather than in a burr mill style grinder, this is a great choice.

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Porlex Mini Manual Coffee Grinder

If you just need a grinder to help you make a quick cup or two of French coffee using fresh grounds, this is a perfect option.

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Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder

If you are impressed by the old-fashioned modeling of manual coffee mills that the Rosewood embodies, consider buying it!

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However, before you choose a coffee grinder, there are a number of things you should consider. Read on to find out more:

1. Consistency

For starters, the consistency of the grind should be your first priority. The grind is crucial if you are to make excellent coffee. It will, to this end, require that your coffee beans are ground coarser than what you would get with drip brew coffee filters.

For most burr coffee grinders, this coarseness will be around the medium setting (and above). If yours has ten grind settings, the French press will be around 6 to 8.

To check the coarseness of your grounds, press down on the filter. If you have a hard time doing this, then the grounds are too fine. On the other hand, if you can easily press down, then your grounds are too coarse.

2. Noise

espresso grinder machine, espresso grinder best

When the motor and the burrs on your grinder are in action, they will make noise. Burrs tend to be loud while grinding the coffee beans while the motor makes noise by rotating.

The grinding speed will also affect the noise produced by your French press. Similarly, motors that revolve slowly tend to be less noisy. The best way to deal with this problem – if you prefer not to wake the entire neighborhood every morning – is by investing in a manual coffee grinder.

3. Static

If your grinder’s motor revolves slowly, then it will reduce the buildup of heat as well as any potential static problems you would get with another grinder.

4. Cleaning

It can be hard – but not impossible – to clean an electric French press grinder. However, you need to take the time to maintain your grinder so that it continues whetting your coffee appetite over the long haul.

Where possible, invest in a removable grinder. This way, you will have an easier time cleaning your French press while also ensuring that you do not destroy the internal structure that is crucial to its overall integrity.

5. Price

espresso cup, porcelain espresso cup

The last thing you should consider while shopping is the price. Although you will be tempted to reach out for the cheapest option available, I would advise caution.

As with many other gadgets out there, cheap grinders tend to cost more over the long run – in terms of poor grind quality, and inconsistent grounds.

You’d be better off investing a little more to get a grinder of a higher quality. Believe you me, it will pay for itself over the long haul.

Our TOP 3 GRINDERS Selection

Now that you have a better understanding of French press coffee grinders let us just into our top 3 picks for 2024.

Over the past month, I tried out different grinders from various well-known brands. At the end of my experiment, I discovered that the following grinders are the best.

1. ** Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder ** – Our Top Choice

braun aromatic, bean grinding machineIf you would rather invest in an electric French press grinder rather than in a burr mill style grinder, then you might want to consider getting the Braun Automatic Coffee Grinder.

Product Features

– The Braun Automatic Coffee Grinder will grind coffee beans for a maximum of 12 cups

– It comes with a powerful 150-watt motor for quick grinding

– It has a graduated measuring scale on its transparent lid

– The blades are made of stainless steel

– It boasts a safety on and off switch

– The grinder also comes with cord storage

– Braun has provided a warranty of 1 year for this grinder

One of the reasons why I added the Braun Automatic to this list is because it creates excellent coarse consistency – which you will find useful while brewing your coffees a la French press.

Consider the following pros and cons


– I particularly liked the fact that this grinder has a transparent lid for when you need to monitor the grinding

– The lid is also dishwasher safe, meaning you will have an easy time cleaning it up

– The grinder comes with two down-pointing ribs that guide coffee beans towards the rotating blades thereby ensuring even grinding

– The design of steel blades and the 150-watt motor work to ensure that your beans are ground efficiently and quickly without overheating or ruining the coffee

– You will love the safety feature on this Braun grinder, which ensures that the machine won’t work unless you’ve secured the lid in place


– However, since the Braun Automatic Coffee Grinder is motorized and electric, you will need to bear with the noise it makes while in operation

– Further, the grinder isn’t dishwasher safe (on account of the electric mechanism); however, you should be able to clean it up easily once you get the hang of things

2. Porlex Mini Manual coffee grinders

porlex mini, porlex mini reviewsManual coffee grinders are quite popular among French press coffee lovers. This is because they will allow you to easily and conveniently grind your beans to the consistency you desire.

That said, you will have a hard time coming across another manual coffee grinder quite as formidable as the Porlex Mini.

The sleek and modern looks, as well as the stainless steel design, are just some of the reasons why I’ve added it to this list.

Product Features

– In terms of design, the Porlex Mini comes with a sleek metallic finish

– This grinder is small enough to fit into your hand comfortably

– You only need to apply minimal force to grind your beans, even when the setting is fine

– Out of the ten handheld grinders I tried, the Porlex Mini produced the best French coffee grounds with accurate consistency 

– This grinder comes with ceramic conical burrs, meaning that you should be able to use it for many years to come

– Porlex Mini provides good value for money

– The grinder will make enough coffee for around two cups

That said, the Porlex Mini will work out perfectly if you just need a grinder to help you make a quick cup or two of French coffee using fresh grounds.

The Japanese manufacturer behind this grinder is known for its focus on grinders, which is why you can expect excellent functionality with the Porlex.


porlex mini capacity, porlex mini instructions– The Porlex Mini is made for French pressing 

– It has a ceramic conical burr set with a low heat output, which is perfect for grinding beans

– With this grinder, you should be able to produce excellent grounds for espresso and aero press coffee

– You can adjust the burrs on the Porlex Mini to achieve grounds for different brews (the coarse setting is the best for French press-style coffee)

– Unlike most electric French press coffee grinders, the Porlex is quiet while in operation

– Due to its compact size, this grinder is portable and should follow you wherever you go

– The stainless steel construction of the Porlex means that it won’t break easily

– This grinder comes with a silicon grip handle that is easy to turn; attach the handle to the side of the Porlex whenever you are not using it

– The Porlex Mini is quite easy to clean


– The only problem I have with the Porlex Mini is that it only makes 2 cups of coffee maximum; this might prove to be a drawback if you are used to grinding copious amounts of beans for large coffee parties

3. Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder

manual grinding machine, kitchen millThe Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder is as attractive as it is old-fashioned. The styling on the grinder caught my eye when I started researching for this guide – which is why I tried it in the first place.

Further, I was impressed by the old-fashioned modeling of manual coffee mills that the Rosewood embodies. With it, therefore, you should be able to add a bit of old-world craftsmanship to your kitchen.

Interestingly, this grinder was made from rosewood – which means that it is quite a sight to behold. Although the price is quite high for most, you will be assuaged by the aesthetic value you will gain from the Rosewood Grinder.

Product Features

– The Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder is made using actual rosewood, with no plastic parts

– It has a knob that you can use to adjust the grind setting

– It comes in a wooden box and an iron container, which further add to its elegantly classic appearance


ground espresso, ground espresso beans

– Since it has an adjustable screw, you will now be able to choose the perfect setting for French pressing your coffee beans

– Although it looks classy, the Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder is actually hardy and will do an excellent job achieving the coarse grinds you need for your French press coffees

– The model is furnished with instructions; however, the coffee mill works so easily that you will hardly ever need to refer to the instructions

– The Rosewood Coffee Grinder will look so great in your kitchen that you will always prefer to leave it out instead of stashing it away

– It also works efficiently and quietly; in fact, it is nearly silent, and you’ll only need the same amount of time to grind your coffee beans as it will take to boil the water for the French press coffee

– The handle is so perfectly designed that you should have an effortless time grinding your beans


– However, if you are used to electric French press coffee grinders, then you might find the Rosewood to be a bit slow in its grinding

– Nothing on the Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder will keep it on your counter; you should hold onto it while grinding to ensure it does not slip away

– The handle is wooden, meaning that you run the risk of it slipping away from your hands


Using the guide above, I sure hope that you’ll be able to find the best French press grinder for your kitchen. Personally, I am happy about each of these three picks.

However, you’ll need to discern for yourself which is the crème de la crème based on your particular needs and preferences, your budget, as well as the capacity you require.

Choose from any of the above and enjoy copious cups of coffee for years to come.


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