When it comes to relaxing in the summer, many people love preparing food outdoors with their loved ones is a time-honored tradition. Depending on where you’re from, charcoal grilling, smoking, or using gas for grilling will determine how you cook.

Lucky for all the backyard warriors, you don’t have to compromise anymore because the Char-Griller Trio Gas/Charcoal/Smoker Grill is excellent for you. If you need further convincing, take a look at this.

Why Is This Grill A Good Idea?

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First things first, if you love to barbecue, you have the best of all worlds in this one trio. If you are pressed for space but like smoking food and grilling the old way but have the convenience of gas, this is the right grill for you.

You have almost 1400 inches of cooking space, which is impressive. Saving space with the luxury of having three cooking systems is a great idea and sensible.


  • The grates are porcelain-coated cast iron grates, which will ensure longevity. It also makes cleanup easier and quicker.
  • The construction is 14-gauge steel. It will help with the durability of the elements as well as higher temps.
  • There is a drawer located on the side of the firebox for convenience. It will allow you to remove the ashes easily.
  • A 12000 BTU side burner. 8 on the main burners.
  • Hooks located on the side of the grill so you can hang tools while you cook.
  • A dual chimney is located on the gas side to help with smoking.
  • The charcoal grill surface area is only slightly smaller than the gas grilling area.
  • There is a one-year warranty included with this trio.
  • It is built perfectly for the person who wants to try it all.

Specs of The Char Griller Trio

  • Fully assembled, the Char-Griller trio weighs about 230 pounds.
  • The Trio is 75” Wx30”x50H
  • Four damper holes on the ash drawer. The ability to increase airflow by pulling the drawer out.

Customer Comments

When I am ready to make a significant purchase, I always check into how customers feel about it. I also check to see if the company is easy or difficult to deal with should the need arise to make a claim or solve a problem.

Customers like that the Char-Griller Trio is easy to assemble and packaged neatly with easy to follow instructions. Assembly only takes about two hours.

One review was from a professional chef who wanted to see if the Trio would be able to handle anything thrown at it. The food smoked and grilled the meat to perfection. He gave it a whirl for a family barbecue.

Another woman had a little bit of trouble with assembly. She called customer service and was happy to find out that the tech was willing to help her with making sure her trio questions were answered, and even followed up about an hour later to see if she needed further assistance or if she got the grill together.


It is hard to find the “perfect” outdoor cooking appliance. With everyone having different tastes, it is hard to make everyone happy. This Char-Griller Trio Gas/Smoker/Charcoal has solved all of your problems. If you are looking for a behemoth of a grill, then this is not your best choice.  It does have ample cooking areas and abilities, though.

For those of us who are regular joes looking to make the most of summer and great weather with our friends and loved ones, this Trio is the answer.

?Check Out Current Price and Customer Reviews On Amazon?

You can slow cook and even cook quickly on your Trio, depending on your needs for the day. Best of all, you can make all your family members happy by offering something simple for picky kids are a gourmet meal by using the Trio.

When it comes down to it, I look at it this way. If there is a grill out there that can make all my family happy by allowing me to give them a great dinner, I am totally in. Because, let’s face it, cooking food is an expression of love. Gathering around the table after a long day or just taking time to relax and enjoy one another is what family is about. The trio helps you do that.


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