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Everyone loves the lift that sparkling water can give you. It is actually quite interesting that just a few bubble can completley change a drink. Now think about how many plastic bottles you purchase and what they do to the environment. It also costs a lot when you think that you are just buying water (or flavoured water) with bubbles.

Well what if we tell you that you no longer need to buy cola, soda or other aerated drinks from the supermarket, and that you can now make all your fizzy drinks from the convenience of your kitchen in absolutely no time?

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Enter the Sodastream jet soda maker.

The first thing we noticed about this product was that it can make sparkling water from normal tap water in seconds.

The second thing that caught our eye was the price. It is so reasonably priced, that you actually save money buying it instead of paying for countless bottles of softdrink or soda, not to mention the good that it does for the environment by cutting down on waste.

What exactly are we talking about? 

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The sodastream jet soda maker is a sleek device that can make sparkling water, cola, and a whole lot of other aerated drinks at the press of a button.

This product has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the domestic user. It comes with a carbonator and a one BPA free plastic bottle to store your carbonated drinks.

With one carbonator cylinder you can make up to 60 Litres of soda.

sparkling water maker, sparkling water machineHow to make soda water?

To make soda, you fill the bottle with tap water, place it under the soda maker, press the nozzle depending on the amount of fizz you want in your drink, and you can have sparkling water in less than 30 seconds.

You can then seal your fizzy drink in the carbonating bottle, and store in refrigerator for future use. Depending on how well you seal and store it, it will retain the fizz for up to one week.

What does the product look like?

The Sodastream jet soda maker comes in a silver and black colour combination, and looks good enough to embellish any counter top or table top.

The best thing is that it is extremely sleek. The dimensions are 9 x 6 x 17 inches, and it weighs just about 2.4 pounds (just over a kilo), which means even your kids can shift it from one place to another.

If you have a bit of space crunch in your kitchen, then this soda maker can fit easily in any cabinet or cupboard, and you can take it out only when you need it. The best thing is that you don’t need batteries or electricity to operate it.

We are a small family; do I really need to invest in it?

Well of course this is a matter of personal preference. We feel this product is extremely useful, and offers great value for money.

There is also a sodastream fountain jet soda maker starter kit. This kit contains the soda maker, carbonator cylinder, plastic bottle, and an extra carbonator cylinder. So, once you run out of your first cylinder, you have a backup at the ready.

The Sodastream jet starter kit is great for every family. You don’t have to get the bulky soda bottles from the supermarket any longer and you don’t have to stock up your refrigerator or pantry with soda supplies.

Pop & Fizzy Drinks?

fizzy drink, how to make sparkling waterWith this soda maker, you can make fresh, awesome fizzy drinks as and when you need them. There are a whole lot of different drinks that you can create using different flavours readily available in the market.

You are no longer restricted to buying cola, orange or lemon. There is a whole world of flavours waiting to be explored. And what’s more you can even add your own natural flavours as well.

Soda with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime is great on a hot day – and don’t only think about the kids – imagine the vodka fresh lime and sodas that the adults can enjoy without having to worry about mixers.

The Sodastream fountain jet soda maker starter kit is a wonderful product especially for those families that have kids or like to host a lot of parties. Kids can make their own drinks whenever they want.

For a party, you can keep the soda maker and some flavouring agents on a table in the party area, and let the guests help themselves with a drink of their liking. You will certainly get some brownie points for being extra considerate towards your guests’ choices.

Bottom line

The Sodastream fountain jet soda maker starter kit is a great product that offers complete value for money. You can make fresh, great tasting fizzy drinks at the press of a button. In less than a minute, you will have sparkling water. It’s clean, easy, economical and environmentally firendly.

Where to buy?

Amazon is most definitely the best place to buy.

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